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Lance Wallnau: 'The (Mainstream) Media Is the Democratic Party!' - 11/11/2016
Dr. Lance Wallnau called out George Soros and his cohorts for being behind the "protests" taking place around the country. Wallnau boldly proclaimed on social media Thursday night that the liberal mainstream media—is the Democratic Party. "Remember w... Full Article »

Donald Trump, President of the United States by the Sovereign Intervention of God - 11/10/2016
I believe Trump has been elected by divine intervention. There are so many odds against it, that it is easy to recognize God's involvement. Think of the obstacles Trump overcame, including: 1) The massive baggage of his past 2) his myriad campaign er... Full Article »

Much of the world seems to be rejoicing in fresh hope since the USA presidential election results are final and Trump is President Elect - 11/9/2016
Responding to Election Results, Evangelist Alveda King Asks: "What's Next?" - President Obama Invites President-Elect Trump to the White House - Jeb Bush Congratulates President-Elect Trump: "I Will Pray for You" - Unhappy with Obama, These Middle Ea... Full Article »

Matt Redman's Times Square Viral Video Sets Internet Aflame with Worship - 11/8/2016
Thousands poured out their hearts in Times Square as Matt Redman led them in his hit "10,000 Reasons." The video, initially posted in August, has now set the Internet aflame with worship. As America faces political turmoil, it is vital we turn our he... Full Article »

The Aleppo Miracle You Don't Hear about On Mainstream News - Amazing Testimonies from Aleppo Church - 11/8/2016
"For the First Time in History, Muslims Are Coming to Us ... We Tell Them the Good News; They Are Waiting for It" "The children have opened the church's doors, then the women followed, and finally the men." God's light and love are still shining desp... Full Article »

Hawaii: Prisoners choose to live for God - 11/8/2016
Roy Yamamoto’s criminal activities ran the gamut and carried a sentence of 80 years to life. But he decided to live for God. After that, through amazing proceedings, a judge dropped the charge against him; he was released in 1996. These days he share... Full Article »

Man hears how wonderful Jesus is, asks for His phone number and contact info - 11/8/2016
After praying, the YWAM team felt led by the Sprit to the Blacktown train station, in western Sydney. “None of us had any idea what would happen, but we chose to simply walk by faith.” “When we arrived, we asked God what we were to do next. We felt l... Full Article »

Five-year-old dreams of heaven, confirms ‘Heaven is for Real’ account, Akiane’s painting of Jesus - 11/8/2016
“When my husband passed away I was devastated. One morning Kieran my 5 year old son woke up and came running into my room. “I saw dad and he was in heaven. It was beautiful mom. He was with God.” She asked what God looked like. “He had long hair and ... Full Article »

News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide - 11/8/2016
New Rio mayor is evangelical - What do North Korean Christians pray for? - Jailed terrorists back on UK streets - Justin Welby on religious freedom - Transgender ideology and the BBC - Glasgow City Mission and legal heroin - Turkish Islamic Institute... Full Article »

Muslim Imperialism Reaches the United Nations - UNESCO has joined forces with Islamic State. - 11/8/2016
Lies by UNESCO to rewrite history, erasing all traces of Judaism and Christianity to favour a jihadist Islamic fancy, were already under way in 2015. UNESCO fraudulently renamed two ancient Biblical Jewish sites, Rachel’s Tomb and the Cave of the Pat... Full Article »

The power of God is touching the whole region, and multitudes are flocking to the crusade ground - 11/8/2016
Tonight, tens of thousands received Jesus. A boy who was deaf in the left ear 6 years, received his hearing. A woman’s spinal cord injury was healed. We threw her back brace away and the people rejoiced. A man who was left paralyzed from a stroke fo... Full Article »

Pat Boone: Icon of the 1950s, is still going strong at the age of 82 - 11/8/2016
Along with Elvis Presley, Pat Boone was one of the undisputed icons of the 1950s and early 1960s. Like Presley, Boone was a humble country boy aspiring to croon his way to pop chart fame. What is so extraordinary about Pat Boone, is that he is still ... Full Article »

Palestinians: Jihadi-Style Child Abuse - 11/8/2016
These children do not dream about becoming doctors, pilots or engineers; an entire generation of Palestinians, particularly those in the Gaza Strip, has been raised on the glorification of suicide bombers and anyone who kills a Jew. Hamas, Islamic Ji... Full Article »

Russian Armada Enters Mediterranean En Route to Syria - 11/3/2016
A Russian naval contingency led by the missile cruiser Pyotr Veliky has arrived in the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean. “Last week, our ship-borne air strike force made a passage through the eastern Atlantic into the Mediterranean Sea. On O... Full Article »

Russell Wilson, Ciara Expecting Baby, "The Greatest Blessing of All," Continue to Honor God with Marriage - 11/3/2016
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his wife, Ciara, have announced they are expecting their first baby after publicly committing to saving sex for marriage. The 31-year-old singer took to Instagram to share her happy news with her follow... Full Article »

Miraculous accounts of God stirring in Syria - 11/3/2016
Last week, rebels in Aleppo launched a new series of attacks against Syrian forces to retake parts of the city. Neither side is following humanitarian guides, and more than 30 civilians were killed over the weekend, ten were children. For believers w... Full Article »

Chicago Cubs Ben Zobrist Shares Christian Faith: ‘We All Need Christ’ - Chicago Cubs End 108-Year Drought - 11/3/2016
Yesterday the Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians 8 to 7 to clinch the World Series title. This is the first time the Cubs have won the World Series since 1908. Ben Zobrist was named the MVP of the 2016 World Series. Last year, he won a World Ser... Full Article »

Why Did Pastor Saeed Abedini Just Cast His Vote for Donald Trump? - 11/3/2016
"Last year, on the same day, I was sick and in chains for Christ, and now I can vote to choose my next president. And most amazingly, I can vote for someone that I know fought for me and called my name many times. He met my family and gave them a $10... Full Article »

New Rule from White House Aimed at Charities is yet Another Threat to Religious Liberty - 11/3/2016
A new rule from the Obama administration threatens to take away federal contracts from religious relief organizations and charities if they discriminate against LGBT people in providing services. Relief agencies may now be required to open their wome... Full Article »

Federal Judge Rebukes President Obama for Taking More Muslim Refugees Than Christians from Syria - 11/3/2016
"It is well‐documented that refugees to the US are not representative of that war‐torn area. Perhaps 10 percent of the population of Syria is Christian, and yet less than one‐half of 1 percent of Syrian refugees admitted to the Unit... Full Article »

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