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Douala that 212,980 decision cards were registered during the crusade from the over 370,000 people that were in attendance - Christ for All Nations - 4/29/2015
I’ve just received the report from Douala that 212,980 decision cards were registered during the crusade from the over 370,000 people that were in attendance throughout the four nights! Back in 1987 in Douala with 70,000 made decisions for Jesus. In... Full Article »

Distribution center to open in Kenya - 4/28/2015
Do you think somebody right out of college could impact a whole nation with the Gospel? They don’t have enough experience yet, right? They have too much to learn to make that kind of an impact. That’s not the case in this story. A recent graduate is ... Full Article »

Newest ISIS franchise: Boko Haram - 4/28/2015
Nigeria’s Boko Haram has entered a franchise. They now call themselves the Islamic State’s West Africa Province (ISWAP). Last month, ISIS accepted a pledge of allegiance from Boko Haram leader, giving the group its first foothold in sub-Saharan Afric... Full Article »

It's Not Just Iran: China Warns of N. Korea Threat - 4/28/2015
As world powers focus on trying to curb Iran's nuclear pursuits, there's new evidence that North Korea is building nuclear bombs at an alarming rate. The nation may have as many as 20 nuclear warheads and that number could climb to 50 or 100 in the n... Full Article »

Ex-Muslim Warns of Radical Islam in Idaho - 4/28/2015
Concerns over radical Islam are emerging in Idaho. This week, a former Muslim turned Christian pastor warned a crowd at a Republican event about the threat of Muslims moving into the state. Muslims who support Sharia law and aim to kill anyone who do... Full Article »

More and more Jews finding Jesus in Israel By Michael Ashcraft and Mark Ellis - 4/28/2015
The First Wave of Jews coming to Jesus hit in the 1970s in America. The Second Wave were Russian Jews in the 1990s. And now – in what some observers call a Third Wave – Jews in Israel are coming to faith in increasing numbers. “I have never seen the ... Full Article »

Global Support for USA Prayer and Repentance - 4/28/2015
With key support from prayer teams in Australia and other nations, many Christians in America will take time Thursday, April 30, 2015 to be with the Lord in their prayer closets and churches to observe a vitally important National Day of Repentance. ... Full Article »

Italian Church Responds to Migrant Crisis in the Mediterranean - 4/28/2015
Thousands of migrants from Africa and the Middle East are embarking on deadly journeys on a weekly basis from the coasts of Libya and Tunisia hoping to reach the European continent in search of a safer and better future. Most of these people are flee... Full Article »

Fresh Tremors Leave Nepal Reeling; 4,500 and More Dead and Close to 7,000 Injured - 4/26/2015
A desperate search for survivors trapped under tons of debris across the Katmandu valley halted, along with relief operations, for a few hours on Sunday, after a 6.9 magnitude aftershock convulsed the region. Crowds of people could be seen lying o... Full Article »

Islamic State Warns Those Who Refuse Islam Will Die like Ethiopians in Libya - 4/25/2015
In a video showing the cruel execution of 28 Ethiopian Christians, the militant Sunni terrorist group Islamic State (IS) says persecution of Christians is fundamental to Islam. the video warns that if Christians refuse Islam, they also will be slain.... Full Article »

Thousands dead in Nepal - please respond now - 4/25/2015
Nepal was struck by a massive 7.8 earthquake today, and significant aftershocks are continuing. Buildings have been toppled and the quake has also triggered avalanches in the Himalayas. The death toll is expected to be in the thousands as search and ... Full Article »

News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide - 4/23/2015
Sharp rise in number of schoolgirls with emotional issues - Police report sharp rise in religious, race hate crimes in London - Europe: A call to ‘RiseUp-now’ - South Africa: A call for prayer amid ‘tit-for-tat’ measures - Egypt: Record-length smuggl... Full Article »

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Addresses United Nations About Christian ‘Holocaust’ - 4/23/2015
Rabbi Jonathan Cahn addressed the United Nations Friday about the persecution of Christians worldwide. ( Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, The New York Times best-selling author of The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah, addressed the United... Full Article »

Franklin Graham: Is The World No Longer Shocked By Christians Having Their Heads Cut Off? - "The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail Against the Church," - 4/23/2015
ISIS released a video Sunday showing the brutal execution of 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya. Fifteen were beheaded. Fifteen were shot."Each day's news reveasl new horrors from Islam. Can it be that the world is no longer as shocked by Christians ha... Full Article »

Muslims Burn 69 Churches; Christians Forgive - 4/23/2015
It took only a few hours, but it was enough time for hundreds of Muslims in Niger, West Africa, to destroy 69 churches and several Christian homes. Ten people were killed and hundreds were injured when Muslim mobs went on the deadly rampage in early ... Full Article »

S. Korean Church's 7-Day Service: Sundays Not Enough - 4/23/2015
Myungsung Church in Seoul gathers for early morning prayer every day, and it's been doing it for 35 years. In the early morning in Seoul, thousands of people stream out of the downtown church passing the thousands of others who are waiting in the col... Full Article »

Cuban Churches Thriving Despite Incredible Poverty - House Churches and Poverty Helped - 4/23/2015
The Cuban Church is thriving. In the midst of opposition and incredible poverty, Cuban Baptists, Assemblies of God, and other denominations are reporting amazing growth in their churches throughout the country. "The Church not only survived, but it g... Full Article »

Syria: Situation Critical -- An extended Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin (RLPB) - 4/23/2015
Syria might exist in theory, but not in reality. After four years of war, Syria is little more than a patchwork of sub-state entities protected by militias. President Assad's Army are fighting to protect the coastal province of Latakia and the north-... Full Article »

France Foils Jihadist Attack on Paris Church - 4/23/2015
"Terrorists are targeting France to divide us. And our response must be to protect citizens but also to rally together, unite and to be hugely determined faced with this terrorist threat." He was arrested Sunday after he apparently shot himself by ac... Full Article »

Jewish Hare Krishna woman lived in tents, monasteries, caves, and communes until the truth set her free - 4/23/2015
Faith decided to stay for a few months and try it. She entered into the highly-controlled ashram environment, with rules against eating meat, fish, or eggs, forbidding sex outside marriage, intoxication or stimulants, and no gambling or idle entertai... Full Article »

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