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'Why Is the West Silent?' ISIS Captives Cry for Help - 2/25/2015
Iraqi military routed ISIS forces from al-Baghdadi. Meanwhile, Peshmerga troops in drove Islamic State terrorists from the Kurdish city of Tal Tamr. But as they retreated, ISIS jihadists kidnapped at least 90 Assyrian Christians. "These women were so... Full Article »

As Anti-Semitism Rages, Christians Stand with Israel - 2/25/2015
At a Washington conference on extremism last week, Obama claimed the world's terror threats were not rooted in Islam. He sees the issue as a law enforcement problem -- "a battle with rogues of all faiths, not a civilizational war. The notion that the... Full Article »

Israel Approves $46 Million Plan To Absorb All European Jews Following Muslim Terror Attacks - 2/25/2015
“We are bracing ourselves and calling for a mass immigration from Europe,” Netanyahu said. He made a truly stunning announcement as he issued the call for all of Europe’s Jews to come home to Israel. The bible clearly declares in the last days that a... Full Article »

ISIS takes Christians hostage in Syria - 2/25/2015
Members of the Islamic State have abducted 90 Assyrian Christians from villages in northeast Syria. Thousands of Assyrian Christians live in a string of villages on both sides of the Khabur River North of the city of Hassaka. “ISIS will not keep thei... Full Article »

Islamic State Savages Burn 43 More People Alive In Iraq… - 2/25/2015
Via Fox News: Happened in the same town where they burned 45 people alive last week. The jihadist group Islamic State, or IS, burned alive on Saturday 43 people kidnapped in the western Iraqi province of Anbar, a security official told Efe. The IS mi... Full Article »

PLEASE PRAY: ISIS Attacks Assyrian Villages in Syria, at Least 4 guards Killed, Churches Burned; Nearly 100 Christians Captured-Men, Women and Children - 2/24/2015
"Calls made by relatives of the captives have been answered by ISIS members, who said there is nothing to be done for the hostages." Some 3,000 people managed to flee to neighboring villages during the attack, which engulfed Tel Goran, Tel Hurmiz, Te... Full Article »

Miracle in Houston Largest USA Crusade To Date for Reinhard Bonnke & Daniel Kolenda - CfaN - 2/23/2015
What a mighty God we serve! We are rejoicing at what just took place at the Reinhard Bonnke Gospel Crusade in Houston, TX. Over the two nights, a total of 27,034 people came together for worship and a powerful Word. We are praising the Lord for the 2... Full Article »

Fighting Back: Find Out What Some Christians are Doing in Iraq and Syria, to Stand Up against ISIS - 2/20/2015
"Who will rise up for me against the evil-doers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?" (Psalm 94:16) The Islamic State (ISIS) is not the only one recruiting supporters worldwide. A Christian militia group is fighting back with ou... Full Article »

URGENT: Intercession Called for Franklin Graham - 2/20/2015
Why is Graham so bold? Because he sees an Islamic storm coming against America. He has strong discernment and enough boldness to go toe-to-toe with the principalities and powers that have targeted Christians for destruction. The enemy would like noth... Full Article »

John Paul Jackson went home to be with the Lord today. - 2/18/2015
An official statement from the family coming soon. Jackson launched Streams Ministries International in 1993. Their mission statement, according to the website, is to touch people with the message of God's love, bring the awe of God back into the chu... Full Article »

The Rise of ISIS: Preparing for the Days Ahead - 2/18/2015
ISIS burst onto the world stage during the summer of 2014 when it captured Iraq's second largest city, Mosul, and left thousands of devastated lives in its wake. Since then, Islamic State threatens the Middle East and vows to fly its flag over the Wh... Full Article »

White House 'Terrorism' Summit Missing the Point? - 2/18/2015
The White House has convened a three-day summit on terrorism, but you won't hear the words, "Islamic terror" mentioned. The meeting convenes just days after the gruesome beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya, and at a time when the Islamic Sta... Full Article »

Boko Haram reign of terror spreading - 2/17/2015
Boko Haram’s reign of terror in Africa is spreading. On February 13, the terrorist group attacked Chad for the first time. Aproximately 3,300 refugees in the village of Ngouboua alone; there are 17,000 in Chad, 157,000 in Niger, 40,000 in Cameroon, a... Full Article »

Iraqi Christians Facing 'Genocidal Onslaught' by Crucifixion - 2/17/2015
"Iraqi Christians have "little time left." Military ground action is needed, there is no other way to protect the Christians from extinction. Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq will face genocide if the Islamic State (ISIS) is not defe... Full Article »

Shocker! MSNBC Breaks With White House on Issue of ISIS - 2/17/2015
Call it what it is, says Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews - a religious war. Oh, and those 21 Egyptians who were beheaded in Libya were killed for being CHRISTIANS, not foreign laborers. News outlets are beginning to take exception to the administration... Full Article »

Netanyahu: ’Sacred Duty’ to Make Israel’s Case - 2/17/2015
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says it's his 'sacred duty' to go to Washington, D.C., and speak in Congress to "make the best case for Israel that I can." "I'm going to Washington because [as] the prime minister of Israel it's my obligat... Full Article »

Miraculous recovery for teen submerged in icy lake for 15 minutes - The impact spreads to others - 2/17/2015
“Every day John made huge improvements.” “In a little over a week, he was taken off the ventilator and he was able to start talking. After just 16 days he walked out of the hospital – totally recovered. But the miracles didn’t stop with John. Jackson... Full Article »

Hollywood's Preacher Man, DeVon Franklin, Is 'For Real' - 2/17/2015
DeVon Franklin is the filmmaker behind the hits "Karate Kid," "Heaven is for Real" and "Annie." But his passion for bringing these inspiring stories to the big screen comes from the pages of his life. Succeeding against the odds is a familiar script ... Full Article »

Former Congressman Frank Wolf continues his support for Mideast - 2/17/2015
Congressman Wolf, who recently retired after 34 years in Congress, said that Christians and are on the “edge of extinction” due to terrorism, and policy-makers must do more. “If the IS is not defeated and ultimately destroyed, there will be no future... Full Article »

Syrian pastor in battle zone ministers to the last and the least - 2/17/2015
Last week I went to visit a woman of over 80 years of age has been in bed eight months because of a broken hip. She welcomed me with tears in her eyes. “Pastor, there are no doctors around and the medicines I need are very expensive. My children and ... Full Article »

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