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Franklin Graham Draws Largest Crowd Yet in Washington State Rally - 7/1/2016
Franklin Graham drew 5,000 Christians to his rally in Olympia, on Wednesday, his largest to date. "Our nation is in trouble, and like many people, we are fed up." During his 31st stop on his 50-state Decision America Tour, Graham urged Americans to v... Full Article »

Ongoing North Carolina Revival Is Making a Worldwide Impact - 7/1/2016
People are already planning to attend next week, its ninth. "We're receiving messages from Oklahoma, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York - people that are booking plane tickets and making plans to attend the revival next week." "It's just God. God is do... Full Article »

Nepal: Influential Buddhist monk receives Jesus - 7/1/2016
The Nepal earthquake in 2015 killed over 8,000 people and hundreds of thousands were left homeless, entire villages flattened — which prompted many Christian organization to respond with humanitarian aid. A prominent Buddhist was watching. “After wat... Full Article »

Egypt: For modern-day ‘Daniel,’ God closed the mouths of savage dogs meant to tear apart imprisoned Christian - 7/1/2016
Like the lions in Daniel’s den, the ferocious attack dogs in his Egyptian jail cell refused to do anything to him. They sat placidly, and one even licked his forehead. How did a remarkable law student, wind up on the wrong side of law enduring horrib... Full Article »

Report: Obama Admin. Made Deadly Mistakes in Benghazi Attack - 7/1/2016
A new report claims the Obama administration was responsible for a series of mistakes before, during, and after the 2012 terror attacks in Benghazi, Libya. Due to delayed response mobilization did not happen for over 13 hours after the attack began. ... Full Article »

Ex-Homeland Official Ordered to Hide Links to This Group - A senior member of the Department of Homeland Security is speaking out. - 7/1/2016
Punished for identifying links between Islam and terrorist threats on U.S. soil. "They told me to modify all the linking information in about 150 records on The Muslim Brotherhood." That was in 2009, one year after President Barack Obama was elected.... Full Article »

Muslim in Eastern Uganda Burns 9-Year-Old Son for Accepting Christ - 7/1/2016
The Muslim father of a 9-year-old boy who put his faith in Christ, tied his son to a tree and burned him. The boy decided to become a Christian after a neighbor took him to visit a church in another village on June 5. "He tied me up to a banana tree.... Full Article »

Israel Rocked After Terrorist Attacked & Stabbed Young Innocent Girl to Death in Her Bed - 7/1/2016
An Arab terrorist from a nearby village climbed the security fence, entered her home and stabbed Hallel Yaffa Ariel, 13, repeatedly in her upper body. She was rushed to Jerusalem's Medical Center where she died. The terrorist a 19-year-old Muslim als... Full Article »

Key Leaders to Gather at "The Bridge" Conference on Persecution - primarily focused on the plight of Christians and the disappearing church in the Middle East. - 7/1/2016
A gathering of NGOs, government officials, church leaders, and others concerned about the intolerable persecution being perpetrated against Christians and other religious minorities, is set for July 7-9 in Washington DC, and is free for attendees. Th... Full Article »

Brexit, England has voted out. - SIMSON NEWS JUNE 2016 - Wolfgang Simson - 6/25/2016
No matter how Britain voted, in both cases they would still be out. Because even if they voted “in”, they would still be out. Here is why: The real choice, the only one that ever matters for Britain to make is to be either a) part of the Commonwealth... Full Article »

Dawn of a New Friendship? Evangelicals Talk Trump after Big Meeting - 6/23/2016
Protecting religious liberty is at the top of his list. He promised to appoint Prolife Supreme Court justices. He promised economic justice as a means of lessening the bands of racism. He promised safe borders for America. He promised to strengthen o... Full Article »

In ‘Coal Country Revival,’ 4000 gave their lives to Christ - 6/23/2016
In the small towns that dot the mountainous coal region of West Virginia, a revival that began in April brought 4,000 souls to Christ over eight weeks. The number of people saved exceeds the population of the two towns at the center of God’s move of ... Full Article »

Finally, some Good News from Ukraine; Christians pray for a miracle to restore their broken and divided nation - 6/23/2016
For the first time in the history of Ukraine, all of the churches of the country recently came together for a National Day of Prayer for their war-torn nation and for peace. The three-hour event on Saturday, June 18, 2016, was attended by thousands a... Full Article »

To leave Islam is ‘treason’ - 6/23/2016
To convert away from Islam is "treason" that should carry the death penalty, according to Sunni Islam’s topmost religious authority. "The penalty is well stipulated in Sharia," Azhar is a major ideological force behind the propagation of Islam in non... Full Article »

Refugee numbers break record of 60 million - 6/23/2016
The number of refugees has now officially broken the record of most internationally-displaced persons in recent history. The number of refugees topped 65.3 million at the end of the 2015. It’s the first time that number breach 60 million. 54 percent ... Full Article »

Murdered pastor and his North Korea legacy - 6/23/2016
Somewhere in China, along the border of North Korea, Pastor Han Chung-Ryeo persisted in his work of ministering to the North Koreans. Han worked along the border for decades, providing whatever was needed to people. He helped with physical needs and ... Full Article »

We call on the BBC to reject proposals to reduce and downgrade Christian programming. - 6/23/2016
We call on Lord Hall, Director General of the BBC, to protect the UK’s Christian heritage and reject proposals to reduce and downgrade Christian programming in favour of more coverage for Muslim, and Sikh faiths. We further call for Aaqil Amhed, Head... Full Article »

Eight new JESUS Film translations; one dedication - 6/23/2016
Imagine a population the size of Houston, Texas had never seen a film in their own language. And then the first movie in their heart language features the story of Jesus. They recently finished eight new JESUS Film translations representing 6.5 milli... Full Article »

Horror and Hush-Up in Twin Falls, Idaho - Something wicked happened in rural Magic Valley. - 6/23/2016
A mentally disabled 5-year-old girl. The alleged perpetrators: Three boys, ages 7, 10 and 14, from Sudanese and Iraqi immigrant families (predominantly Muslim) who have been in the country for less than two years — all but confirming that they are re... Full Article »

When a Twin Lost Her Sister to a Stroke, She Found Comfort in a Dazzling Answered Prayer - 6/23/2016
...We all stared, amazed at how bright and beautiful the rainbow was. Just then, a second rainbow appeared just above the first. Identical to the first. I couldn't believe it. Not just one rainbow—there were twins... Click here to read this inspiring... Full Article »

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