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Rain or Shine, Worship Wagon Rolls in Church to the Homeless - 7/22/2016
Songs of praise fill the air under a bridge near downtown Kansas City in an effort to reach the city's most unreached people. "Worship Wagon" serves the city's poor and homeless and keeps rolling rain or shine every Monday about 5:30pm. We get the mu... Full Article »

The endless flow of refugees fleeing into Uganda from South Sudan is continuing at an alarming rate. - 7/22/2016
26,000 have left the world's newest country since new fighting between government troops and rival forces erupted July 7. Troops loyal to Vice President Riek Machar have fought those supporting President Salva Kiir ever since Kiir removed Machar from... Full Article »

Melania Trump Speechwriter Apologizes for Plagiarism Accusations: "My Mistake!" - 7/20/2016
My name is Meredith McIver and I’m an in-house staff writer at the Trump Organization. I am also a longtime friend and admirer of the Trump family. In working with Melania Trump in her recent First Lady speech, we discussed many people who inspired h... Full Article »

Days before His Death, Baton Rouge Officer Posted This Important, Heartfelt Message on Facebook - 7/20/2016
"I personally want to send prayers out to everyone directly affected by this tragedy. These are trying times. Please don't let hate infect your heart. If you see me and need a hug or want to say a prayer, I got you." "When we focus on loving each oth... Full Article »

Woman evangelist killed by Islamists while street preaching - 7/20/2016
Eunice Olawale, 41, was stabbed and cut to death by a band of Islamists in a suburb of Abuja, Nigeria on July 9th while proclaiming Jesus in the streets. “My wife loved Jesus so very much.” She had been preaching Christ on the streets for six years, ... Full Article »

News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide - 7/20/2016
Theresa May: faith is 'part of who I am' - Theresa May our new PM - New Cabinet members - URC to allow same-sex marriages - Early warnings of serious diseases - Russia: 7,000 churches fast and pray about law - South Sudan: ceasefire in capital - Vene... Full Article »

Exiled at Home: Russia's Believers Cry Out to God over Law Banning Christian Talk - 7/20/2016
The law is intended to limit the spread of terrorism and extremism, but church leaders say it punishes religious evangelization outside of the church. Under the law, foreign missionaries will not be allowed to speak at a church unless they have a wor... Full Article »

Or is it just those with a white cop on the other end of the gun that matter? (Ron's Commentary: If you believe that black lives matter, please watch the following factual video and ask God to help us to see the true work the enemy is doing in Americ... Full Article »

God hides 18 Muslim converts under His wing, protects them from attack - 7/20/2016
“During the worship service two women and a man prophesied in the Spirit to vacate the present shelter soon and move to another place” The Holy Spirit was leading them, they obeyed and left the house where they stayed. The next day fanatics under a r... Full Article »

The Great Falling Away Continues as Pastors Praise Open Marriages - 7/19/2016
I couldn't believe it when I heard Mo'Nique and her husband on the program called "The Preachers." Mo'Nique was quite open about her open marriage with her husband. She was the one who suggested the unconventional relationship from the start of their... Full Article »

Crackdown in China: House church members in China have been threatened with legal action if they continue to allow their children to attend church services. - 7/18/2016
A local government office in China's central Guizhou province delivered the ultimatum to parents attending Huaqiu Church. Parents were told that their children would be barred from college and military programs if they allowed them to attend services... Full Article »

What You'll Want to Know about GOP VP Pick, "Born-Again" Mike Pence - 7/18/2016
While Pence grew up in a Catholic family in Indiana, he converted to evangelical Christianity through the influence of a nondenominational fellowship group in 1978, while a freshman at Indiana's Hanover College. One of Pence's former slogans is that... Full Article »

Praise over Politics: GOP Convention Kicks Off with Prayer - 7/18/2016
"I call on the name of Jesus because I believe prayer changes things, but more importantly prayer changes hearts and so I believe we have to rise above partisan politics, petty debates and arguments and we have to unite as the American people." GOP c... Full Article »

Has the Next Great Spiritual Awakening Begun in Burlington, NC - Or in West Virginia - Or at Azuza in CA - Or at Foothills in Yadkinville, NC? - 7/14/2016
The flames of revival have ignited in Burlington, NC, It began eight weeks ago as regularly scheduled one-week spring revival meeting. It quickly outgrew the seating capacity of New Hope and had to move under an “Old Time Gospel Tent". "From Los Ange... Full Article »

How the Church is Changing England With Free Education - 7/14/2016
The new schools will be a way for the Church to have a voice in government, a voice secular leaders want diminished. The Church of England is making waves by opening more than 100 free Christian schools. England's new initiative to open 500 free scho... Full Article »

Nigeria: Did Clinton’s State Dept. go easy on Boko Haram due to donations to Clinton Foundation? - 7/14/2016
In 2011 the UN headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria was hit by a massive car bombing by Boko Haram. Many expected the U.S to step up its efforts to combat terrorists that have slaughtered thousands of Christians in Nigeria. But that’s not what happened. Mi... Full Article »

Sudan’s Christians among hundreds of thousands displaced by violence, homes, crops, churches, schools, hospitals destroyed. - 7/14/2016
Five years ago yesterday (July, 11, 2011), South Sudan became the world’s newest country after seceding from the North. Sudan’s Christians face ‘ethnic cleansing’ - Muslim North. In the five years since, the Sudanese government has waged a bombing ca... Full Article »

She Was Told She'd Never Run Again: Now Olympic Sprinter is Praising Jesus - 7/14/2016
"Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Oh, God I praise You. I give You so much glory.” – English Gardner. She was told she may never run again. But sprinter English Gardner instead qualified for the Olympics after becoming the fourth-fastest American in... Full Article »

What a Trump Presidency Would Look Like: Nominee Talks with Pat Robertson - 7/14/2016
After a grueling campaign season, Donald Trump is finally just days away from officially being named the 2016 Republican nominee. This week, Trump sat down for an exclusive interview with CBN founder Dr. Pat Robertson to discuss what a Trump presiden... Full Article »

Surfer Bethany Hamilton Tells Fellowship of Christian Athletes: "I Accepted That God Allowed This to Happen to Me for a Reason" - 7/14/2016
"It's truly humbling, but a blessing to have been given a platform to share my faith. God just opened up the door for me to talk about His love to people all around the world rather than what would have otherwise been just the surfing community. It's... Full Article »

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