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News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide - 3/26/2015
South Africa: 1,462 come to faith through prayer - Christian worship rises amid Vanuatu destruction - Theresa May receives death threats from IS - Up to 500 West Midlands children 'sex exploitation' - Poland fears Russian invasion - Nigeria: Voting t... Full Article »

Muslims Force Young Christian Girls To Watch Their Mother Get Beheaded - 3/26/2015
Muslims last week publicly beheaded a mother of two girls and her cousin after discovering they were Christians. The Muslims called residents to the executions. The daughters, ages 8 and 15, witnessed the slaughter of their mother the younger girl sc... Full Article »

Five Christians Killed, One Critically Wounded, by Muslims in Kenya - 3/26/2015
Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for shooting deaths of Kenyan Christians. An explosion or a fire set with gasoline, then burned the bodies beyond recognition. The victims were members of the East Africa Pentecostal Church. All had come to Wajir to ... Full Article »

ISIS expands footprint; more violence - Sunni Muslims (IS) Kill over 100 Shiite Muslims in Mosque Suicide Explosions - 3/26/2015
The Islamic State claimed credit for the deadly museum attack in Tunisia last Thursday. On Friday, ISIS militants in Yemen’s capital city blew themselves up, killing more than 100 and injuring hundreds more in two Shiite mosques during midday prayers... Full Article »

Islamic State activates operation in Pakistan - “You must embrace Islam or be ready to be killed.” - 3/26/2015
We’ve been telling you about the Islamic State in Pakistan for months. Now, ISIS is officially launching its terror campaign. Before and after bombing a Shi’ite mosque on Friday, the Islamic State handed out hundreds of notices on official ISIS lette... Full Article »

Chaplain Barred from Ministering to Grieving Family - 3/26/2015
A Navy chaplain under fire for expressing his biblical beliefs in a private counseling session has been forbidden to minister to a grieving family. When a sailor in his unit died unexpectedly, he sought to offer the family comfort and spiritual suppo... Full Article »

The Miracle of Music - “God gives tools in your hands to use. For me it was a violin." - 3/26/2015
A music school in prison? Why not? But how to get permission from the prison authorities? “My first students were really bad dudes, they looked mean. They were rapist, child molesters, involved in drug cartels and worse." Lessons began and the gospe... Full Article »

He frequented gay bars in Hollywood until God’s grace set him free - 3/26/2015
When he was 13, he ran away to Hollywood and threw himself headlong into the partying and gay lifestyle. He burned out on drugs but didn’t know how to stop. He got laid off from a restaurant job and kicked out of his apartment. He walked into a Satu... Full Article »

Dramatic Solar Eclipse Seen by Millions over UK and Europe Called "Breathtaking" - 3/26/2015
You would have had to book a flight to the Faroe Islands, or Svalbard to witness the rare solar eclipse in its totality. In fact, the epicenter—if you will—of today's eclipse happened over a "spot in the Norwegian Sea, a little below the Arctic Circl... Full Article »

Newly saved on a nude beach, he stepped out with ‘uncovered’ evangelistic fervor - 3/26/2015
How was he supposed to know that you shouldn’t witness about Jesus while you’re naked? But there he was on a nude beach in Australia, newly saved and he hadn’t learned all the norms of Christianity yet. “I was on the cutting edge of sin.” Now, his wi... Full Article »

News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide - 3/19/2015
Videos of Christians forgiving Islamic State go viral in the Arab world - Christian businesses fighting the sex trade -Syria: Four years since teenage graffiti sparked civil war - Turkey: Supporting Mosul from the sidelines - Vanuatu: Cyclone Pam and... Full Article »

Against All Odds: Unpacking Netanyahu's Landslide Win - 3/19/2015
Israeli voters gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a stunning victory Tuesday. It's a result that embarrassed the pollsters and sent shockwaves to capitals from Tehran to Washington. Israeli voters delivered a clear message to the White House, the... Full Article »

State Dept. Investigated over Anti-Netanyahu Campaign, American lawmakers demanding to know if U.S. taxpayer dollars helped fund a campaign to oust Netanyahu. - 3/19/2015
The U.S. State Department allegedly donated $350,000 in taxpayer funded grants to the OneVoice Movement, a U.S. nonprofit dedicated to a two-state solution for Israel. OneVoice, in turn, donated the funds to its subsidiary in Israel, Victory 15 (V15)... Full Article »

South Africa: 1,462 come to faith through prayer - 3/19/2015
650 people gave their lives to Jesus during a week of 24-7 prayer in South Africa which culminated on New Years Eve. And that was just the beginning of an incredible January for Peter Sekhonyane who mobilises prayer in giant tents around the South Af... Full Article »

Twin Suicide Bombings Take 15 Lives in Two Pakistani Christian Churches - 3/19/2015
The explosions killed 15 and 70 wounded. The churches that were bombed were about 650 yards apart, and the attacks occurred in the "Christian neighborhood of Youhanabad… while parishioners worshipped at Sunday morning services." Witnesses said the bo... Full Article »

ISIS Exposed: Islamic Caliphate Coming to the US? - 3/19/2015
Watch This Important Video> The Islamic State is doing something none of their Islamic terrorist predecessors have done successfully: use social media savvy to attract thousands of Western recruits. ISIS is calling on its legions of followers in the ... Full Article »

Christian Girl in Uganda Who Fled Beating by Muslim Uncle Mysteriously Dies - 3/19/2015
A 16-year-old girl in Uganda who fled from a Muslim uncle who beat her for becoming a Christian mysteriously died Sunday (March 8) “Muslim relatives discovered her location and visited the hospital on Saturday.” “Aisha was responding very well to med... Full Article »

Audio Bibles reach Mexico’s non-literate - 3/19/2015
“Oaxaca, Mexico is just full of people who love Jesus, and there are still unreached people groups. Oaxaca is home to 120 languages. Almost all have been translated or are being translated. Oaxaca is one of the poorest states in Mexico, and about 33%... Full Article »

Christians in Pakistan call for action amid funerals - 3/19/2015
Political leaders and police officers joined many hundreds of Christians who crowded the streets Tuesday as Pakistan’s Christian community buried their dead. Sunday’s Taliban attacks on two churches. 17 people died when two suicide bombers blew thems... Full Article »

World Vision eNews | March 2015 - 3/19/2015
VIDEO: Dorcas no longer drinking water poisoned by animal carcasses - Water and sanitation among top priorities for Cyclone Pam survivors - Every 30 seconds, a new person gets clean water - In Zambia, sponsorship changes lives - Five-year-old boy die... Full Article »

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