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Sewing Machine and Widow’s Dignity - More than a Christmas present. - 11/25/2015
Sani had been married only for five years when her husband died from alcohol poisoning. It was her fault. That’s what her in-laws said. They were so convinced, they threw her and their three grandsons out of the house. Though she found new life in th... Full Article »

Amanda Blackburn Murder: Pastor Davey Blackburn, "Extremely Relieved" about Arrest of Pregnant Wife's Killer - 11/24/2015
An 18 year-old-male, Larry Taylor, was arrested, as well as two other men, Jalen Watson and Diano Gordon. Indianapolis police have said that all of the men will be charged with at least three other robberies and Amanda Blackburn's rape. They stole th... Full Article »

Asian believers cast vision for massive outreach - 11/23/2015
Believers in East Asia are planning something big. More than 900 pastors and church leaders from their country recently gathered to discuss the largest missionary-sending initiative in the nation’s history. Over the next 15 years, this restricted-acc... Full Article »

Is Obama at War With Us - 11/23/2015
This article is not about Obama he is mentioned in it He is accused in it, he is the villain, but it is not about him. (Reuters) This article is about you and me. It is about facing the most horrible fact—we have had to face—since the Civil War. The ... Full Article »

A pastor's wife has died after robbers shot her during a home invasion earlier this week - 11/23/2015
The couple had one child already, and Amanda was reportedly pregnant with another. "Amanda made it her life's calling to love and serve everyone she knew." Her memorial service attracted thousands of mourners. A suspect has been arrested in connectio... Full Article »

Escaped Yazidis Share Chilling Tales of ISIS Captivity - 11/23/2015
"So when they were selling us girls, the buyer would come in to take his slave," Nazda recalled. "If any of us refused, they would beat us very badly. No one went with the buyers willingly." "The man was really, really bad. He treated me like an anim... Full Article »

Italian police: Muslim refugees threw Christians overboard - 11/23/2015
On a crowded rubber boat filled with refugees traveling from Libya to Italy, Muslims threw 12 fellow passengers overboard — killing them — because the 12 were Christians. Italian authorities arrested 15 people on the boat and charged them with murder... Full Article »

News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide - 11/20/2015
UK: praying for Paris must be more than an afterthought - INSIGHTS: into the various faces of IS - France: Church, arise - and pray - The western hemisphere: IS wakeup call - Nigeria: blast in Nigeria kills 32, wounds 80 - Iran: stockpile of uranium ... Full Article »

Suspected Paris Attack Mastermind Killed in Raid - 11/19/2015
The radical Muslim suspected of masterminding the deadly terrorist attacks in France was killed in Wednesday's police raid on an apartment building in northern Paris. French authorities say 27-year-old Abdelhamid Abaaoud was identified based on skin ... Full Article »

ISIS Warns Big Apple, Washington DC: You Will “Suffer Same Fate” as Paris - 11/19/2015
In a newly released video by a jihadist group affiliated with ISIS, the terror group threatened that the US would “suffer the same fate” as France should the government continue its military campaign in Syria. The six-minute video, posted to an ISIS ... Full Article »

Ex-Intel Chief: Obama Must 'Get Real' on Fighting ISIS - (A detailed view of what must be done to defeat ISIS) - 11/19/2015
Even in the face of the murderous attacks in Paris, President Barack Obama still says his strategy against ISIS is working. Now the president's former intelligence chief has a warning: the White House is underestimating the deadly ambitions of Islami... Full Article »

Where Are All the Christian Refugees From Syria? - 11/19/2015
Christians and other religious minorities in Syria have been targeted for death, sexual slavery, displacement and cultural eradication by ISIS. Many of these persecuted Christians hope to escape to the United States. They have been largely excluded, ... Full Article »

Obama Won't Change ISIS Strategy, Despite Paris Attack - ISIS new video today warns Washington, D.C., would face attacks like Paris. - 11/19/2015
Obama is making it clear that he will not change his strategy or even expand military campaign against ISIS. Obama forcefully defended the vast majority of Muslims at press conference today. "When I hear folks say we should admit just the Christian r... Full Article »

The Jewish Connection to Paris Music Venue Where 89 People Were Killed - 11/19/2015
In 2011, a terrorist told French security that "we had planned an attack against the Bataclan because its owners are Jews."The Bataclan concert hall was under Jewish ownership for four decades and had received frequent threats in the past for that re... Full Article »

ISIS attacks become reality for the West - 11/19/2015
“We cannot see it just as a regional conflict in Syria or some sort of internal struggle within Iraq. It’s larger than that. It’s a battle of civilizations, even if the Obama Administration does not want to identify it that way.” The Paris catastroph... Full Article »

In the Name of Honor: Female Genital Mutilation Comes to America - 11/19/2015
Some legal immigrants can also bring problems into our country. A practice called female genital mutilation, predominantly seen in Muslim-controled countries, is now an issue in the United States. Many girls do not survive the ordeal due to bleeding... Full Article »

Beirut bombings dimmed in light of Paris - 11/19/2015
Just because violence in Lebanon isn’t a “shocker” doesn’t mean it should be forgotten. Last week’s Beirut bombings have been the capital’s deadliest since the end of Lebanon’s civil war in 1990. “ISIS is not satisfied with their current borders. The... Full Article »

South Sudan: a forgotten crisis - For South Sudan’s people, war is a never-ceasing reality. - 11/19/2015
Approximately 2.4 million people have been displaced or driven from the country. Nearly 4 million people remain “severely food insecure,” according to the UN. Thousands of kids – somewhere around 16,000, to be exact – have been used by the government... Full Article »

God’s Word comes alive for the Corongo Quechua - 11/19/2015
Peru (Wycliffe Bible Translators USA) Like women in America might meet to do quilting or to do crafts together, Corongo Quechua women get together to spin wool into thread. Abila has begun coming to their gatherings to teach them God’s word in their... Full Article »

Kurdish Army Holding the Line against ISIS "for the sake of the whole free world" - 11/11/2015
"The only people—that are successfully fighting ISIS—is the Kurdish Peshmerga. You‘ve got a country here with 4.5 million people that are totally pro-American, more so than we're pro-American." -Retired U.S. General Jay Garner. For more than a year, ... Full Article »

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