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WHO IS ISIS REALLY? Video Published on Aug 20, 2014 - Dr. Michael Youssef - 9/1/2014
Dr. Michael Youssef and Joshua Youssef discuss the evolution of radical jihadist groups like ISIS, the ultimate goals of these extremist groups, and what it means for the rest of the world. - MORE> from Dr. Michael Youssef and Joshua Youssef Full Article »

Kigali, Rwanda. Cfan Crusade Report - Daniel Kolenda - Reinhard Bonnke - 8/29/2014
Tonight after I preached the Gospel and prayed for the sick, we heard wonderful testimonies of God’s healing power: Two women's large protruding tumors instantly vanished. A man deaf in both ears for two years was healed. An elderly man who could bar... Full Article »

Brother Arthur Burt passed peacefully into the presence of the Lord today. His family would like to thank all who knew, loved and supported this precious servant of the Lord over the years. Full Article »

British jihadists known as ‘The Beatles’ are prime suspects in beheading of journalist James Foley - 8/28/2014
A 24-year-old British rapper from west London is one of three prime suspects in the gruesome execution of journalist James Foley by ISIS extremists. Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, known as Jihadi John, travelled to Syria last year from his $1.8 million home... Full Article »

ISIS abducts three-year-old from fleeing Christian family - 8/28/2014
ISIS invaded the town. 150,000 Assyrian Christians were forced to walk towards Erbil without their cars and possessions. ISIS escorted Christina’s family, as well as many other residents, to the Khazar checkpoint and told them to leave and never retu... Full Article »

Nigeria: Terror group who kidnapped schoolgirls also beheaded six-year-old Christian boy - 8/28/2014
The terror group Boko Haram has killed thousands, destroyed villages, burned homes and churches, and kidnapped hundreds of women, including more than 200 schoolgirls in April, with the goal of creating an Islamic state in northern Nigeria. Their extr... Full Article »

How a modest ‘Summer Harvest’ with Greg Laurie back in 1990 has developed into a massive worldwide outreach - 8/28/2014
“We tried to be an early adopter of the Internet it was probably in the mid-nineties that we started streaming live. "Then we’ve reached out with TV and radio, but the Internet is the big difference. That’s changed everything. “We’ve had over 90 diff... Full Article »

Twice as many British Muslims Fighting for ISIS than in UK Armed Forces - 8/28/2014
Estimated at least 1,500 young British Muslims who have found their way into the ranks of extremists fighting in Iraq and Syria during the last three years. Slightly over four percent of the British population is Muslim. “Social media applications li... Full Article »

Slavyansk church re-opens in Ukraine - A new front has been opened in eastern Ukraine in recent days. - 8/28/2014
Tanks, artillery, and infantry crossed from Russia into Novoazovsk, a border town near Russia. Officials described it as a stealth invasion. One of the areas where Ukrainian soldiers successfully pushed out the separatists was Slavyansk. “Half of th... Full Article »

News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide - 8/28/2014
Sri Lanka: Gospel goes into dark places - ISIS recruits on our doorstep - Ukraine: All-out war v peace process - ISIS flag on temple mount - Nigeria: Scores more killed - Iraq: ISIS continues to give believers ultimatum, ‘convert or die’ - Iraq: Aust... Full Article »

Friends Turn Foe: Iraq Minorities Can 'Trust No One' - 8/28/2014
Religious minorities in the Middle East have become a huge target for terrorists in the last decade. In addition to extremists so-called moderate Muslims -- friends, neighbors and co-workers -- have been turning against Christians. Crimes committed a... Full Article »

Enemy Inside: ISIS the 'Greatest Threat since 9/11' - 8/28/2014
The United States is investigating reports of a second American killed in Syria while fighting for the terrorist group Islamic State ISIS. More than 100 Americans are believed to be fighting for ISIS and other Islamist groups in Syria. Their increasi... Full Article »

"Operation Esther": Student Ministry Prayer Initiative to Stop ISIS Carnage Launches at 9/11 Memorial - 8/28/2014
Can prayer stop the 'ISIS crisis' genocide and rape of innocent women and children? Overseas Students Mission (OSM) international students think so. "Operation Esther" will pray for Almighty God to save those being murdered and raped by the Islamic S... Full Article »

News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide - 8/21/2014
China: Receiving and rejoicing with God’s Word - Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes - Russia says no progress on Ukraine ceasefire - Another Ukrainian church seized by militants - Israel: Day 44 of violence - USA: Ferguson, Missouri, 'This has to s... Full Article »

Journalist's Beheading Stirs Cries to Defeat ISIS - 8/20/2014
ISIS released a brutal video on YouTube of the apparent murder late Tuesday, saying Foley's death is in retaliation for U.S. airstrikes in Iraq. They're sending a warning to President Obama and America. The chilling video appears to show the 40-year-... Full Article »

ISIS Message to the US? 'We Are In Your State, Cities' - 8/20/2014
Americans now live in a country that could be facing a terrorist threat worse than al Qaeda: U.S. intelligence officials warn that ISIS has now gained momentum that will be difficult to halt in Iraq and Syria. Intelligence warns the ISIS may attempt ... Full Article »

Iraq: local believers offer healing amid the horror - 8/20/2014
More than 200,000 people escaped to the with nothing but the clothes on their backs. “Their homes and churches were burned to the ground.” Ministry workers organize “sleeping groups,” where a number of families gather to sleep in one area for safet... Full Article »

She Will Live! A Little Girl's Mountain Miracle - 8/20/2014
Just above the hustle and bustle of downtown Dallas stands a place called Prayer Mountain. It's the site of mysterious healings and answered prayers. After the diagnosis came chemotherapy. Ruiz could barely stand the pain. "They had already done ever... Full Article »

More Than 116,000 Gather at Angel Stadium over Weekend For 25th Annual SoCal Harvest With Greg Laurie - 8/20/2014
Excitement was palpable at Angel Stadium of Anaheim this past weekend, Aug. 15 – 17, as more than 116,000 people packed the stands of the famed baseball stadium over three nights to attend the Southern California Harvest Crusades. From crowds of teen... Full Article »

Kurds: Our Battle with ISIS Is for the ’Free World’ - 8/20/2014
"Right now Kurdistan is fighting the terror on behalf of the whole free world." "The terrorists of ISIS have gathered here from everywhere in the world, and they pose a threat to countries all over the world, from Australia to Europe and other countr... Full Article »

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