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Sudanese Christian Mom Now Free, Arrives in Italy - 7/24/2014
Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese Christian woman who nearly died for refusing to recant her faith, is now a free woman. Ibrahim, 27, arrived in Italy Thursday. "The United States needs to show more concern about religious hostility and persecution abroad... Full Article »

'Islamic State' Launches Beheadings and government Projects - 7/24/2014
During the past month, the group has consolidated its hold over a 435-mile-stretch of territory from Syria into Iraq, seizing money from Iraqi banks and capturing almost all the major oil and gas fields of eastern Syria. They've been seizing the home... Full Article »

Islamic State militants who ordered all Christians in the Iraqi city of Mosul to leave the city over the weekend or face execution. - 7/24/2014
The Islamic State gave Christians an ultimatum over the weekend: (1) stay and convert to Islam, (2) pay Islamic tax (which is too much for most families to pay), or (3) leave Mosul taking nothing but their clothes. Christians who stayed would be exec... Full Article »

EU Calls for Hamas to Disarm: Israel "Pleasantly Surprised" - 7/24/2014
European Union foreign ministers echoed Jerusalem's demand that Hamas and its terrorist allies be disarmed as an outcome of the current Gaza war. "The EU calls on Hamas to immediately put an end to these acts and to renounce violence. All terrorist g... Full Article »

Presbyterian Church USA Criticizes Israel, Ignores Christian Persecution - 7/24/2014
Before the Israel/Hamas conflict erupted, the Presbyterian Church USA withdrew $21 million worth in investments from Israel because "the Israeli government’s actions harm the Palestinian people.” "why is it that "Christians" ignore the horrific Islam... Full Article »

News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide - 7/24/2014
Indonesia: Bibles delivered to village by new airplane funded by volunteers - Britain’s youth fighting in Syria - Abortion at 39 weeks prompts outrage - Ukraine: Evangelicals persecuted - Ukraine/Russia: Western values are at risk - Ukraine/Russia: W... Full Article »

Human Shields: 'Hamas Wants Israel to Kill Their Children' - 7/24/2014
GAZA BORDER -- Seven Israeli soldiers have been killed in a confrontation with Hamas infiltrators disguised as Israeli soldiers wearing suicide belts inside the Israeli border. The IDF killed most of these infiltrators. So far, the Israel Defense For... Full Article »

BETHLEHEM, Israel -- As the war in the Gaza Strip continues, some fear a third intifada (armed Palestinian uprising) may be brewing. - 7/24/2014
Forty-six miles away from the fighting against Hamas terrorists in Gaza, there's another battle some say is being dangerously ignored by the world. "My big concern right now is this -- is that the West Bank is being neglected with the riots that are ... Full Article »

He survived a brutal father and the most violent cellblock at San Quentin - 7/24/2014
Beatings by his father put him in the hospital at a young age. “State-raised,” he was incarcerated intermittently from the seventh grade onward, until he reached the most dreaded cellblock at San Quentin. A broken dryer full of wet diapers led Ed and... Full Article »

A "Walking Miracle," Teen is Glad that against All Odds, His Mother Refused to Abort Him - 7/24/2014
Zachary mother was counseled to abort at six months pregnant. Doctors believed there was no hope for her unborn son with a severe heart defect. When she refused and Zachary was born, doctors told her he would die within days. This year, 18-year-old Z... Full Article »

Berlin House of One: The first church-mosque-synagogue? - 7/17/2014
Berlin thinks it is making religious history as Muslims, Jews and Christians join hands to build a place where they can all worship. The House of One, as it is being called, will be a synagogue, a church and a mosque under one roof. The striking desi... Full Article »

CBN News Producer: 'Border Kids Just Broke My Heart' - 7/17/2014
CBN News travelled to several towns along the U.S.-Mexico border to get an upclose look at the lives of the parents and children risking everything to escape their homelands. We examined the complexity of the border crisis facing America, as well as ... Full Article »

Boko Haram Leader Mocks #BringBackOurGirls - 7/17/2014
Boko Haram, the Nigeria terrorist just released a video bragging about recent bombings in the African nation. Shekau pledged support for Islamic State, the Muslim army waging a brutal battle in Iraq and Syria. Shekau also made fun of the social media... Full Article »

In Sudan, persecution; In South Sudan, misery - 7/17/2014
SUDAN: RELENTLESS PERSECUTION churches are being demolished - Sudan is pursuing Islamisation and ethnic-religious cleansing. SOUTH SUDAN: ABJECT MISERY - South Sudan has descended into chaos and civil war. 1.5 million South Sudanese are displaced, fo... Full Article »

Dems Push to Strip Religious Liberties Protections - 7/17/2014
Senate Democrats mad at the Supreme Court's recent Hobby Lobby ruling saw their attempt to fix it blocked on the Senate floor today. "The bill sponsored by Sen. Murray and others will be the first bill in American history brought before the Senate to... Full Article »

Grim Tally: Muslim Terrorists Kill 125,000 Since - 7/17/2014
From September 11, 2001 until the beginning of this year, 22,000 Muslim terrorist attacks worldwide--an average of 5 a day--killed more than 125,000 people and injured nearly three times as many. The death toll does not include honor killings or thos... Full Article »

ISIS to spread terror in Lebanon - 7/17/2014
The success of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has emboldened like-minded militants in Lebanon who believe they can copy it. The Islamic State has declared a caliphate in Iraq and Syria in an effort to redraw the borders of the Middle East. There... Full Article »

Day of Prayer for religious freedom in American universities - 7/17/2014
Christian students at the largest four-year public university system in the country are wondering if they will be allowed religious freedom when they return to campus. “The California State University system decided a year and a half ago that religio... Full Article »

GAiN USA CEO Al Goff reports from the field in Iraq - 7/17/2014
This war is so much worse than what I’ve seen via television in the States,” Goff shares in a recent blog. “Most have witnessed killing and live in terror of being next. “Fear is the operative word here. It is palpable.” After living in the same plac... Full Article »

News From British Isles, Ireland, Europe and Worldwide - 7/17/2014
Myanmar: God hears childrens' prayers - 100,000 people have come to Christ in Burundi in the last 8 years - 660 arrested over accessing online child abuse images - Asia/Africa/Middle East: Churches affected by anti-Christian campaigns - Syria: UN - U... Full Article »

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