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"I Died That There Would Always Be Enough"

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Topic: "I Died That There Would Always Be Enough"

Posted By: Moderator
Subject: "I Died That There Would Always Be Enough"
Date Posted: 05/13/2006 at 1:29pm

"I Died That There
Would Always Be Enough"

Are you hungry? Are you spiritually famished? Well, taste and see! Gorge yourself with satisfaction as Heidi Baker shares a visitation she had about Jesus’ Body. When she shares this experience, you will crave more of God! Develop your hunger and thirst for the Word and Presence of Him! He is your sole provider for everything. If you are hungry- come to the banqueting table, Beloved, and here you will find a feast.

This visitation deals with a very strong message that God gave to Heidi about Iris Ministries, her ministry to help the orphan children of Africa. At the time of this visitation, they only cared for a couple hundred children. Today they have established over 5,000 churches and care for over 2,000 orphans, and they are growing faster than they can build! Please join me in blessing their ministry with a financial gift to the Cry for Africa Fundraiser. Gifts of $25 and over receive a beautiful art poster! - Learn more and donate at our website >>

Hungry for Him,

Jesus’ Body - Heidi Baker
Visitations Volume 1: The Epic of God’s Heart

I was surrounded by thousands and thousands of children. At the time, I had 320 who called me, “Mama.” And I screamed, “No, there are too many! There are too many children!”

And then, oh then, there He was again…My Jesus! He was standing there, looking at me. He was looking at me, surrounded by the same children with His eyes of fire! His eyes of passionate love, burning through my soul until my “No,” my “No,” became a “Yes cry”. My “No” became a “Yes cry!” He said, “You give them something to eat!

“Take, eat; this is My body.” Matthew 26:26

And He pulled a piece of body from His broken side. Oh His face! His face is so beautiful, and so full of light! So full of glory! And His body, so hideously bruised, beaten, broken, and tortured. I looked at that piece of flesh, and I thought, “How? How could I give that to a child?” But I took it. I took it in my hand - that broken, bloody piece of flesh, and it turned, before my eyes, into fresh bread.

Fresh bread! I began to give it to the children. One by one. One by one, I looked into their eyes, as He looks into mine. And thousands and thousands and thousands of them ate the fresh bread from His side. He said, “Look into My eyes.” And as I gazed into the beauty, --Oh! Oh! The beauty! The beauty of Jesus!-- He said, “I died that there would always be enough!”

And then He took a cup. It wasn’t a jeweled cup. It wasn’t a golden cup. It wasn’t a spectacular cup. It was a poor man's cup, and He took it and He placed it right next to His side, His right side. And out of His right side flowed blood and water, and it filled the cup. I knew it was a cup of suffering and joy.

“Are you able to drink the cup that I am about to drink…?” Matthew 20:22

I was to drink it. I drank this cup and then I began to feed it to the children and gave them a drink from the cup. Oh! And each one drank. Each one drank. Thousands and thousands and thousands of them drank.

And again Jesus said, “Look into my eyes.” And, I gazed into the beauty, the beauty of Jesus. And then He said, “I died that there would always be enough.”

And since that day, I’ve never been afraid. I’ve never been afraid, to take a single dying child, a single broken child. There’s enough fresh bread, spiritual bread, physical bread for each one. Each one. Each day. -


Posted By: Betty Seiley
Date Posted: 05/15/2006 at 9:48pm

What complete selflessness, Heidi!

Betty Seiley

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