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A Review of Bob Brassetís All Things are Possible

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Topic: A Review of Bob Brassetís All Things are Possible

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Subject: A Review of Bob Brassetís All Things are Possible
Date Posted: 08/09/2005 at 2:11pm

A Review of Bob Brassetís All Things are Possible

by Steve Eastman

        For some people the healing ministry is a thing of pain-unfilled promises as they strain to believe hard enough.  They've heard the tapes, made their confessions and continue in a driven state.  Not so with Bob Brasset.  Before 1998, few would have considered him any more a candidate for a healing ministry than any other charismatic pastor, but God had different plans.  Reading Bobís book, All Things are Possible, creates an atmosphere of joy and peace, not strife, just as it shows on the book cover. 

        The book begins with a dramatic announcement on an airliner, ďIs there a doctor present on the flight?  We have a medical emergency.Ē  A doctor eventually diagnoses a passengerís problem as a stroke and the manís wife says her husbandís Alzheimerís suddenly became worse.  It turns out the sick man had been a pastor for 40 years, but his wife did not believe in healing.  Nevertheless she allowed a fellow passenger, Bob Brasset, to pray.  As he said, ďAmen,Ē the stewardess reported the man had just returned to normal without a doctorís explanation.  Later Bob got to pray with the stewardess.

        Bob also includes the story of parents he had heard about who ďbelievedĒ for the healing of their diabetic child, even refusing insulin.  The little girl died.  Bob says this illustrates the difference between mental "believism" and anointed believing. ďJesus commanded us to seek the Kingdom first. Ö Healings, miracles, signs and wonders will follow.  They are absolutely necessary Kingdom manifestations and are to be earnestly sought after but only in the context of an outflowing of the Kingdom.Ē

        Any book on healing, to be complete, must examine the issue of Godís sovereignty.  Bob handles this masterfully.  He points out that we donít worry about whether itís God will for us to get better when we undergo emergency appendectomies.  If that is proper, so is prayer for healing.  Bob also points out helpful scripture passages, where manís initiative and Godís sovereignty are found alongside each other.

        Another interesting feature of All Things are Possible is the idea that there are three classes of blessings-present, future and maybe.  Bob says he learned about this from Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas.  All Christians experience forgiveness of sins, justification and friendship with God.  Those are present blessings.  Future blessing would include our resurrection body and being taken into Godís presence forever.  Maybe blessings go only to those hungry enough to pursue them and include deliverance from all sin patterns, victory over self and empowering of the Holy Spirit.

        So what qualities anoint faith?  In Bobís view, they are childlike simplicity, honesty and an open heart.  He contrasts these with the themes found in many Christian best-sellers:  self-worth, self-esteem, self-help, self-motivation and self-promotion.  The common thread becomes obvious. 

        Many people grow tired of just reading theory.  They would love Bobís book because it is peppered with real-life examples.  Many of these testimonies come from other peopleís ministries, not just Bobís.  Theory and practice come together in All Things are Possible.  Itís written by a man whoís just as comfortable praying for healing in a doctorís office as in a church.  He puts unbelievers at rest, they see Godís miracles and want his Jesus. 

Bob Brasset heads up Extreme Healing Ministries and is a resident of Victoria, British Columbia in Canada.  For more information, visit his webpage:" target=_blank eudora="autourl - . p;PN=1 -

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