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Topic: GOD SAID 2014

Posted By: Andries van Hee
Subject: GOD SAID 2014
Date Posted: 12/17/2013 at 11:04am


God Said 2014 is a compilation of Prophetic words and revelations
received by several prophets during a special time set apart to
seek the Lord for His word and guidance for 2014. The Lord has
given us very encouraging and clear words which we believe are
important to the nations. 

We want to stress that although the words contained in this
document were specifically received as we prayed for 2014 they
are by no means limited to 2014. We believe that much of what
was received and started in the previous year will flow over into
this coming year but their ultimate fulfilment will happen in the
time set by the Lord and is not limited to 2014. 

link for the complete word:


In last year’s word we declared that this year will specifically be a season of the benevolence of the Father and this will proceed. The
Lord is opening a door and is speaking to the church to step out
of the confinement it created for itself. There have been
limitations in the minds and the way that people perceived and
thought what Gods’ will is and the Lord is going to commission
people in stepping into places and areas to really take them in.
With the benevolence of God comes the responsibility to impact
areas and regions for Christ and in this next year we will really see
the church stepping into that.

A Commissioning

The church will continue to experience growth and changes which
is both necessary if we are going to be effective. Change is what
the Lord is actually bringing in. The way the church is equipping
will continue to change so that people’s hearts broaden to be
ready for the calling of the ministry. Commissioning will be
happening much more often. The church often prepared people
but never commissioned them, and this is the year where the Lord
is commissioning people in the local congregation. After the
calling and training there must happen a commissioning similar to
a sending out of the tent of Abraham. The Lord is opening a door
to send people out into their callings. These people are fully
aware of being commissioned by God to spread His fragrance in
all the places God is sending them to. We will hear many
testimonies of the growth of the church, but it will not just be
numerical it will be really territorial.

In 2014 we will see a process of the passing of the torch from
Elijah to Elisha. This will enable the Elisha’s to continue with the
work and the Elijah’s will be freed up to start breaking new
ground. There is a deeper level of anointing and revelation that
will follow when individuals step into their own appointed place in
the body.

In the next year more people will be released to start their
ministries. In the past when people started a new ministry it often
resulted into them being a bit cut off from the house and the
fathers and even some extend of division. This will change. There
will be a return of hearts to each other, as people start their own
ministries the family bond to their original churches will still be in
place. There will be a bigger sense of family and the global church
being one. There is coming a new level of not only tolerance of
one another but genuine family love.

For the complete word please click the link below:

Andries van Heerden


Posted By: Andries van Hee
Date Posted: 12/17/2013 at 11:22pm

For the complete 60 Page word regarding the Church in this hour,
the five continents, words to 68 different nations concerning 2014
please see the complete word on the webpage.


Andries van Heerden

Posted By: Geoff Pick
Date Posted: 12/19/2013 at 5:19am

Just found your link.
Excellent words telling of the destiny of nations.

Book cerning-and-interpreting/ebook/product-21341236.html

Posted By: Andries van Hee
Date Posted: 12/26/2013 at 10:31pm

Check out some of the words already fulfilled: New SARS
infections in China, Snow storms in Canada and Northern USA.
Economic worsening in Zimbabwe. Airplane disasters, Turkish
instability and much more, check out the full word at:

Andries van Heerden

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