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Prophetic Words for 2014

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Topic: Prophetic Words for 2014

Posted By: Ron McGatlin
Subject: Prophetic Words for 2014
Date Posted: 11/20/2013 at 2:11pm

From Where We Are to the Kingdom

By Ron McGatlin

Throughout history there have been pivotal climactic events that have occurred with a crescendo of intense impact of change in this world. One of those events was the great flood of Noah’s day. Another is the most significant event of all time, the life and cross of Christ Jesus. Many other events and people have brought greatly significant change to the world, such as the life events of Abraham, Joshua, Jacob/Israel and Moses, to name only a few. God brought great impact of change to this world throughout history and is still doing so.

In this season, God is revealing another major intervention that is another pivotal series of world changing events. Prophets are going to be speaking words of these events that are far too significant for their minds and hearts to handle. The Spirit of Holiness and Truth will replace their willing humanity with Spirit life speaking the oracles of God. As if in a trance, the prophet will be a spectator and hearer of what God is doing and saying through them.

The great transformation to kingdom of God reality is even now consuming hearts of chosen vessels to abandon the past to receive the extraordinary Spirit of Holiness (Holy Spirit) empowered change reforming the world to God’s originally created form and condition. Mankind will return to the purity and holiness of God’s design to fulfill the purposes of God without the hindrance of fallen human contamination. The awesome process of redemption of man and the world from the grip and ravages of evil is moving into a season of heavenly empowered cleansing and restoration.

People are abandoning the sinking ship of godless secularism, humanism, and religious fascism of self-seeking materialistic democracy and imperialism. The Christian church ship has been boarded and taken over by spirit pirates. The precious cargo has been stolen or thrown overboard and the people locked up in bondage. The course of the ship has been set to soon smash upon the rocks of shallow seas. That which was once governance under God is infiltrated by anti-God usurpers through decades of spiritual and mental contamination with lies of darkness cunningly wrapped in a fabric of pseudo freedom proclamations.

The powerful intervention of God is in cooperation with the cries of the suffering saints and incessant prayer of devout intercessors. The pure and holy remnant of God’s people is the seed and catalyst for the Spirit of Holiness’ invasion of supernatural reclamation of the hearts of God’s children. The hearts of the children are being turned to their Father and away from the evil of the father of lies and the false religions that he has fostered.

The real kingdom of God is invading earth, and it does not exist in showmanship and organizational structures or hyped-up “revival meetings.” The invasion is in the hearts of people transforming them into pure and holy followers of Christ, mature sons of God.

The kingdom is where we are going. However, the journey must begin where we are and start moving from here to the next step in our journey toward kingdom reality. The heavenly invasion of the Spirit of Holiness is that which we need to begin our journey and to accomplish each step of the way from where we are now to where we are going. This journey is only accomplished by the work of the Spirit of Holiness bringing the ministry and life of Christ Jesus in and through His people. The Spirit of Holiness, the Holy Spirit who is invading earth is the ship that will carry us safely over turbulent seas into the reality of the governance of heaven again ruling on earth in God’s people and into the entire world.

The beginning of the new year of 2014 will see the ushering in of the beginnings of the great exchange – the beginning of the evil of this world exchanged for the glory of God. The deeper the evil – the stronger the persecution, and the greater the number of martyrs - the brighter and greater the glory of God will eventually come forth.

Purification of the soul is often painful to the flesh. The pain of the turbulent time is only a part of the hammer and chisel of God shaping us into the perfect jewel to reflect the brightness of His love and glory in His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Be ye holy as I am holy, says the Lord. All those who remain will say to one another “The Lord has done this mighty work.”

If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit - Rom 5:25.

Live in the Spirit, Walk in the Spirit,

Ron McGatlin - -  

(Note:Words for this compilation will be chosen from this forum. To submit a word for this thread, simply post it in this prophetic forum.)

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