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What Do We Do now That We Have Left The System?

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Topic: What Do We Do now That We Have Left The System?

Posted By: Clay Sikes
Subject: What Do We Do now That We Have Left The System?
Date Posted: 06/09/2012 at 7:26am

What Do We Do Now That We Have Left the System?">Share

Many have been called ‘out of the systems of men’ in various categories, from churches and ministries to business and banking. The systems of men are failing at an alarming rate, which begs the question, “Where do we go from here?” This universal inquiry besieges the masses, as many have sought ‘home church’ and Christian businesses as a possible solution to what has been left behind. For most, there is a recognition that though we have ‘come out’ physically, there is perhaps more that must come out of us. The wilderness has purpose.

The system is not only a structure organized my man, but also a mindset in each human being and one that takes years to adjust. That is why many so-called home churches have taken on the look and feel of a church, swapping the ‘church room’ for the ‘living room.’ Is wandering in the wilderness necessary? The very small company of Joshua and Caleb thought so.

We sense certain finality when we have departed the system; yet with time, there also remains an emptiness that interrupts those initial feelings of ‘finality,’ which carries with it the idea that there must be more, much more! The price of truly leaving the system is costly and somewhat daunting – the fullness of completion only comes after patience has had her perfect work. The Children of Israel wanted to return to Egypt when challenges came: they wanted the comfort and security that Egypt held, albeit as slaves.

Many ‘called out’ ones have returned, failing to realize that the wilderness experience had purpose. It is not enough to get delivered ‘from;’ we must get delivered ‘to,’ and here is where the rubber meets the road. Wandering, following the cloud and being fed manna requires extraordinary patience. Perseverance that ONLY God can produce is a required attribute, as this explains “many are called, few are chosen.”

I encourage all who are ‘out’ of the system to “wait upon the Lord,” as your wandering has a distinct destination – it is called the “Promised Land.” You may feel disjointed, disconnected, discombobulated, and disfigured, but ‘wait!’ God will lead you with the cloud by day and by fire at night. He will feed you manna while you stumble and fall in the wilderness, but wait! Just before entering you will see the promise, and you will also see the giants, but it is yours – take it!

Clay Sikes


Posted By: Deanna Harris
Date Posted: 06/09/2012 at 1:39pm

Thank you so much for posting.  My husband and I were talking about missing the body of Christ, but we continue to "Wait Upon The Lord".  We were in organized and then as you said went to "home church" which was awesome as far as moving of the Spirit, but still had a "pastor and co-pastor", but they believed God told them stop having gatherings, so we have been wandering and wondering since.  It does get lonely, but we will wait on.




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