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Facebook Making Infidelity Just ’A Few Clicks Away’

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Topic: Facebook Making Infidelity Just ’A Few Clicks Away’

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Subject: Facebook Making Infidelity Just ’A Few Clicks Away’
Date Posted: 05/23/2012 at 4:50pm

Facebook Making Infidelity Just 'A Few Clicks Away' ce-Just-A-Few-Clicks-Away/ - Video Link> -

The social networking site Facebook has grown substantially in recent years, primarily because it gives users the chance to reconnect with old friends and distant family.

But that Facebook benefit could also be fueling relationship problems.

More than a third of divorce filings last year included the word "Facebook," according to a British survey by Divorce Online.

Some 80 percent of divorce lawyers also say they've seen a rise in cases related to social networking.

"Affairs happen with a lightning speed on Facebook," said K. Jason Krafsky, co-author of the book - Facebook and Your Marriage . "On Facebook, they happen in just a few clicks."

Experts add that, even when extramarital affairs develop with no help from Facebook, people often turn to the site to let off steam which can cause suspicion among spouses.

How can couples ensure Facebook doesn't become a venue for temptation and infidelity?

Julie Germany, vice president for digital strategy at the DCI Group, offered some insight. ce-Just-A-Few-Clicks-Away/ - Click play for her comments on this as well as the importance of a biblical foundation in marriage.

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