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River Is Pouring - Joe Dutton

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Topic: River Is Pouring - Joe Dutton

Posted By: News Room
Subject: River Is Pouring - Joe Dutton
Date Posted: 12/02/2009 at 7:44pm

River Is Pouring
November 27, 2009

There is another wave of the Spiritual Outpouring that goes far beyond what was happening last year. The prophetic is increasing, healings, deliverances, salvations,The weighty presence of God is beyond description. Recently the Lord showed a vision of a River suspended over the church, now the vision has grown to a Falls that is flowing into the church and out through the people. God has shown that people need to come out of the mist of the falls into the fall of His glory itself and then through the fall into a secret place behind the falls into the very presence of God Himself. If you have been to Lakeland, Smithton, Toronto, or any other place of outpouring I tell you that at LPPC House of Freedom Worship Center (known in the community as Levee Pond) is the place to be. The word is preached without reservation, the praise and worship is annointed, and the Altar services are not over until the last person gets up. Honestly this is the place to be, right now, God is doing something fantastic at this little place. To quote Eddie James(who recently ministered there)..."this is a megachurch" when asked what he meant because it is a small church he responded.."Mega in the annointing" Come be part of this if you are desperate for a move of God in your life, need a word, healing, deliverance,or just a touch....Come and drink, Come and get in the Fall, Come and go to the Secret Place of His presence. All there is Cave in Rock Illinois

Location: Cave in Rock, IL, United States
Website: - -  


Posted By: Larry Silverman
Date Posted: 12/03/2009 at 11:24am

More Lord... Pour out more of the River upon Cave in Rock, IL!!!!!

Dr. Larry Silverman, M.C./Psy., M.Min., D.C./Psy.

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