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From Around GOD'S NETWORK - Reports & Missions Forum : From Around GOD'S NETWORK - Reports & Missions
Subject Topic: From California:Joe Cicchino Report Post Reply Post New Topic
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Admin Group

Joined: 03/16/2005
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Posted: 05/04/2006 at 6:14pm | IP Logged Quote Moderator

From California:Joe Cicchino Report 
It has been a long time since I have sent an email out.  I have been in Oklahoma writing a book about Control and how it influences our lives.  It is almost done. 
This past week we have been to the Pastor's advance which was held at Bethel Church in Redding.  It was very good and refreshing.
Now we are in Hayfork California at Solid Rock Church which is locatedat Tule Creek rd and Highway 3  Zip is 96041
Last night was the first meeting here and we will be here until May 14th which is Mothers day.  It was so good to see the people still changed and going to church every night for the last 13 months.  This is such a blessing to see the fruit of his works just continue every day.  The x drug addicts still coming, the broken hearted still free.  I first came to Hayfork 6 years ago in May to Greg Randolph's church and Keith Wrights at that time we had a move of God and one lady Debbie who was a drug addict with a $250 a day habit with Meth was totally set free from Drugs and healed of Hepitius A B and C instantly before Gregs and My eyes.  Well last night she was at the meeting still free and on fire for God.  She has her own ministry which every Monday see feed's well over a hundred homeless and lost people and gives them a place to take a shower at the Trinity Fairgrounds.  She has been doing this for a few years now with the help of different church's in the area.  Once a month the Judge and the Sheriff from Trinity county travel from Weaverville to Hayfork to help serve the people.  These the same people who had arrested her at times and come against her when she was doing drugs.
So many stories that I can tell about what has happened here and the fruit that is still growing.  But last night we had more things happen, because of the fruit.  God gave a word of knowledge and he said that backs would be healed and everyone who had a problem with their back was instantly healed.  Also wrist were healed. 
George who was a fallen Free Methodist Pastor 25 years ago who came back to the Lord when the women of his children who was an alcoholic and drug addict got set free, Had a word that there were some who didn't know the Lord and then the Lord gave me the knowledge of who they were and very gently and powerfully the accepted the Grace of Jesus.  The power of His is so strong in the building that at times it was hard to stand up.  It is all about him and not about us.
God Bless
Joe Cicchino
vision of love
Joseph Cicchino
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Admin Group
Admin Group

Joined: 03/16/2005
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Posts: 5942
Posted: 05/05/2006 at 3:29pm | IP Logged Quote Moderator


When the Lord reveals himself to you in a special way, it changes you completely from who you use to be.  In 1989 I was an executive with a major flooring contractor in the New York City area.  Then Rodney Howard-Browne came to the church that we were attending in Toms River NJ.  He walked into the service and the fire of God hit me immediately and changed my life. He asked me why am I laughing and crying.  I said I don't know.  He then preceeded to say that is the fire of God.  It hurt and burned me for many months.  I could hardly function and it consummed me completely.  My wife and I walked away from the business world and started to serve the Lord. We walked away from everything that we had and went to Rhema.  God showed us that this was the anointing of the word and the spirit that was put on us.  The reason I am writing this is because this past march, I went to a conference that Rodney had at ORU, this is the same place that he layed hand on my wife and I and ordained us infront of all our friends.  As soon as I walked in the fire of God started to consume me again like it did in 1989.  It burned and burned within me and took control of me and changed me even deeper then before.  He showed that we should never let go of the beginning and always stay with his fire and walk with his fire.  That most people will never understand the true consumming fire of his love.  It is a live changing fire and all you want is to do his will.  It is true revival of your heart a heart that is always trying to remain pure for him.  I don't know why I just wrote this but it was put on my heart, so I know that someone will read this and they will understand what has just happened to them.
Last night during the meeting at Solid Rock Church in Hayfork Ca, we had some interesting things take place.  The presence of the Lord was consumming and all powerfull.  Nick was sitting there and suddenly he yield I walked in here with pain in my right shoulder and suddenly it just left me and it feels great.  Many lives were changed and the Lord gave words of knowledge of who didn;t know him and once they were asked if they knew him they just started to weep and want to know him.  It is almost impossible for those who don't know the Lord to sit in his presence without crying and weeping and wanting him.  I could go on but that is enough for now.  All I can say is that his will is done when we get out of the way let the lord be who he wants to be in us.
Joseph Cicchino

Edited by Moderator on 05/05/2006 at 3:29pm
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Admin Group
Admin Group

Joined: 03/16/2005
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Posts: 5942
Posted: 05/09/2006 at 4:50pm | IP Logged Quote Moderator

When Jesus ministered he didn't just minister in the synagogue he ministered mostly in the streets and other places.  Yesterday during the day we went to the soup kitchen that is operated by Debbie Chzosta who's testimony we have given before.  We went their to help and to minister to the homeless, drug addicts, alcoholics and the broken.  Every monday see feeds them and makes available the ability for them to take a shower.  It was heartbreaking to see a little girl about 5 years old excited because Debbie gave her some shampoo and she was going to be able to wash her hair.  She was running around yelling  look I have shampoo and I'm going to wash my hair.  The little things in life that we take for granted.  The presence of God was in the place and God was moving mightily. 
My wife Ellen prayed for Mike who is in a wheelchair with out any legs.  He has been in major pain with his back and it has been unbearable to live with.  When she prayed with him the Glory of God came all over him.  He told Debbie after we left that he hadn't felt like this in 30 years free and alive.  His back was healed and he was excited, because he said that his back felt like a Boa Constrictor was wrapped around his vertebrae.  Mike touched Debbies hand and the power of God hit her and she came to church last night so on fire and drunk in the spirit.  She  said the anointing just kept on getting stronger in her all day long to where it got to the point that she couldn't even drive.
Many with broken hearts were set free by prayer.  It was an exciting day seeing how God took an exdruggee and set her free and she is being used to set others free.  Keep Debbie in your prayers that God could use her even more with the homeless and the helpless.
One woman who moved to Hayfork from Texas 6 months ago, hasn't truly slept more than an 1hour or 2 a night and has been completely exhausted.  We prayed for her and she has slept for 2 straight days and feels great.
God Bless
Joe Cicchino
Joseph Cicchino
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Admin Group
Admin Group

Joined: 03/16/2005
Online Status: Offline
Posts: 5942
Posted: 05/12/2006 at 7:02pm | IP Logged Quote Moderator

Since coming to Hayfork California, both my husband and I have felt an intense peace which has been continual.  It is very hard to express in words.  Trish Wright, Pastor Keith's wife of Solid Rock church here in Hayfork, stated that we would not have much work to do, since they have been meeting every night for the last 13 months, since the last time my husband was here.
You could feel the presence of the Lord deeply when we first walked into the church.  Every night since we have been here his presence has been increasing.  We have been praying for a breakthrough in this area so that we all could go even deeper.  Were never to be satisfied with where we are at.  He is the one who puts that desire in our hearts for more of Him.  He wants to touch us with His love and His peace and His Glory!
God is a God of Suddenly and it felt that something deeper opened and there was such a freedom last night.  It fell on everyone at the same time.  I believe that we tapped into the well of living water.  The Lord comes to wherever He is welcomed and He is welcomed here.  Nothing greater then being in His presence.  There is so much oppression, hopelessness, addictions, unemployment and poverty in this valley.  I could go on with all the breakthroughs that we have seen.  We have coming to Hayfork for period over the last six years.  It is a beautiful spot that God is changing.  We would love all of you to join in prayer with us, so that this breakthrough continues in this area.  One of the members of solid rock was at Mountain Chapel on Sunday and someone during the service prophesied that the strongholds were being removed in Hayfork.  Much witchcraft and new age in the area, but it is coming down.
Ellen Cicchino
vision of love
Ellen and myself were so drunk in the Holy Spirit that it's so hard to remember details, but God wanted me to write this, because someone must need to hear it.  Joe opened by prophesying to everyone that God showed him had a dream about what they were to do and that he was ready to fulfill these old dreams for they were for now not then.  He first prophesied to a former free methodist pastor that God was going to fulfill old dreams.  Last night God restored his priesthood, by taking off the old singed garment he was wearing and making him a king of the Kingdom to help others.  He then prophesied over a woman who suffered with brain trauma last year and wasn't expected to live.  This woman has forgotten most of her past and Joe told her that she still remembers the dreams that she had before the accident and that these dreams were to come to pass.  He acknowledged that this is true, she does remember them.  She started to cry with joy.  Joe Spoke to a young man, 17 yrs old and told him the secrets of his heart.  That he had been called to preach and that he left the church and did drugs because he had a hard time with how ridged the church was and that he was forced to worship God.  Joe said that he would move in the spirit and would be empowered with the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  He acknowledged that this is what is in his heart and that he wants to go to bible college.
There was a breakthrough anointing last night and the heavy weight of glory was very strong especially up front.  Last night a run away lamb returned and by the end of the night you could see the light returning to her darkened face.  We keep seeing lost people saved, hurting people made whole, the sick healed and the lame walking.  It has been so strong that waves of His glory come over me often during the day.  The power of God hit me the other day while I was trying to make cookies.  Those cookies came out very interesting.
Trish Wright
Solid Rock Church
Hayfork, CA
Joseph Cicchino
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