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ARTICLES and Discussion Forum : ARTICLES and Discussion
Subject Topic: Prophetic Teaching on Worship Post Reply Post New Topic
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Joel Ramshaw
Senior Member
Senior Member

Joined: 06/08/2010
Location: Canada
Online Status: Offline
Posts: 62
Posted: 09/23/2010 at 11:10pm | IP Logged Quote Joel Ramshaw


Worship is one of the most important aspects of our walk with God. When we see pictures in revelation of the people in heaven, they are always worshiping. Our primary calling  as Christians is to worship God in both song and life. One of the reasons that Christ did not toss the devil straight into hell at His resurrection, and bring the millennium is so that we could live a lifestyle of worshiping God in song and life, despite all the temptations and trials, so that we could choose obedience rather than the pleasures of sin, and we could worship God by staying true to Him through suffering. The most powerful worship is a song, attitude, and life of loving God despite going through suffering. In heaven we will no longer have the chance to suffer for Christ, or to chose obedience to Him rather than temptation.  This is one of the reasons God leaves the devil on earth, this is our chance to prove our devotion to Him.

So what is worship?

There are two types of worship, the first is we worship God verbally and in song. The second is that we worship God with a lifestyle honouring Him.

Verbal Worship:

First we’ll look at verbal worship. Some worship can just be statements to God of awe, gratitude, or of love of Him, its doesn’t always have to be in a song. You’ll probably find it best to have most worship as songs though. Songs can really help bring out passion in us, and much of heaven’s worship is done in songs as you can see when reading through the book of revelation.

Worship needs to be done throughout the week:

One thing many people struggle with is that they only worship at church on Sundays, and never on their own. Worship is so important though, that we must learn to both worship God in gatherings, and also on our own, because 30min a week is not anywhere near enough, when worship really is the purpose we were made for as humans. A good tip is to print off worship songs so you can remember the lyrics when you worship throughout each week. Worshiping throughout each week rather than just on Sunday’s really will transform your spiritual life. And if you don’t worship throughout each week, you are going to struggle  with worshiping right on Sundays anyways.

Prioritize worship: I want to share a personal testimony of how putting worship first, God will take care of the other things in life. This weekend, God put it on my heart that i needed to give a lot of the weekend to Him in worship. The problem is, i was planning on doing homework that weekend. God kept bringing luke 12:22-31 to my mind. Its the passage about how since God takes care of the lilies, and the animals, he will definitely take care of His sons, but we must not have a worried mind about the details of life. As i worshiped God He gave me this sense that He was taking care of the details. Two days later, God told a student to prophesy that verse for me. The same verse that God had kept bringing to my mind. So that did a lot to boost my faith. Two weeks later, instead of being swamped, i was blessed to write a paper by the spiritual gift the word of wisdom miraculously. When we put our relationship with God first and worship Him despite being busy or tired, He will take care of us. It is always worth it to put God first.

Worship and Intimacy with God: Worship is probably the best way to increase intimacy with God. Oftentimes we rely almost entirely on prayer, but when we also worship throughout each week, it will do wonders to increase intimacy with God. We must have worship, prayer and the word, and learn to balance these. You will find that the prophetic is also attached to worship, the more you worship God the more of His voice you will hear.  This also applies for the other gifts of the Spirit, a life of worshiping God tends to bring an increase to the amount and strength of spiritual gifts in our life. Worship is never wasted. Though we cannot always see the effects, we will come out changed. with both transformation, and literal spiritual impartations.

Worship and Transformation: a worshiper is transformed into the image of the one they worship. People in false religions tend to take on the nature of their gods. Because we are blessed to know Christ though, we take on Christlikeness as we worship. After thorough repentance from sin, worship is the next most effective way to be transformed into Christlikeness. This is especially true of the first and second greatest commandments. When we worship we begin to love like Christ loved. It helps us love God with all our heart, and not just a little piece of it. It helps us love others selflessly as God’s love comes into us.

Lifestyle worship: this means being devoted to God in one’s life, making sacrifices for Christ, and suffering for Him rather than taking the easy way out. Romans 12:1 says, “I appeal to you therefore, brothers by the mercies of God to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.” To be a living sacrifice we make Jesus complete Lord over our lives and surrender everything to Him. As long as we only give half of ourselves, and hold onto control of the rest of our lives we are going to be blocked from true intimacy with God. God does not have to remain distant. To make a complete surrender of ourselves to God there are two main areas:

surrendered Heart attitudes:

The first area is in our heart attitudes, and their transformation. the second area is in letting Him transform our life walk. This is about surrender and obedience, not so much about striving. We must give God a fully surrendered life that is His and not ours anymore. Make an irrevocable covenant with God that your life really is His forever and He is in control. This is really what becoming a living sacrifice is all about, sacrificing SELF, and sacrificing FLESH for God’s will out of love for Him. One of the things we like to do as Christians is try to be “good enough.” When our life walk is not surrendered, we will not be able to do true worship in song either.  A lifestyle of worship is completely different, because it seeks the fullest union with Christ, and obedience to Him. There honestly is no easy way, sacrifice means pain and death. But when we surrender and dedicate every part of your life to God, He will give us the strength to make every sacrifice. Only by giving Him all of us in surrender we come into the fullness of lifestyle worship.

A side comment on heart attitude transformation:The five main things we can do to have transformed heart attitudes are to love God with all of us, love others, be humble toward others, selfless, and an obedient attitude These five things can end up being very hard to do, but they are some of the most important things for us to live a Christlike life.

Night Worship:

Something that should be mentioned is that worship at night can be quite powerful. If  you are looking for a breakthrough from God, trying seeking God at night and worshiping. Same goes with prayer. I have experienced a lot of breakthrough and God’s power when seeking Him at night.


This message is done. But i challenge you now you need to think of practical application. You can hear the best sermon in the world, but if it doesn’t change the way we are, or the way we do things, it will be quite useless. So my challenge is take time to think about how you will change how you worship. God bless you all.

ps: good book on worship: Bob Sorge: Exploring worship

pps: most of these insights were learned by other prophets, the word of wisdom told me to compile them as such. any credit goes to them (but really the Holy Spirit)

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Paula Jane
Senior Member
Senior Member

Joined: 03/25/2010
Location: United States
Online Status: Offline
Posts: 97
Posted: 10/08/2010 at 10:11am | IP Logged Quote Paula Jane

Thanks for taking the time to write this out..Bob Sorge is so excellent in explainng and being a living example of this lifestyle.


Stronghold 5
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