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VOICE OF PROPHECY - Prophetic Words Forum : VOICE OF PROPHECY - Prophetic Words
Subject Topic: PROPHETIC WORDS FOR THE BODY OF CHRIST Through REV ABU BAKO Post Reply Post New Topic
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Solomon Appiah
New Member
New Member

Joined: 02/28/2005
Location: Ghana
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Posted: 12/22/2009 at 4:17am | IP Logged Quote Solomon Appiah

The following has implications for 2009, 2010 and beyond


Prophecies for the year 2008


Scriptures for 2008: Psalm 119, 49, 85, 145, 46, 105, 50, Isaiah 60 & Psalm 24

-God says concerning the year 2008, it is a year of a New Page. It is for the purpose of writing the original history that HE ordained for your life (Jer.1: 5)

-2008 is the year of New Beginnings – it is a year for a new opportunity to start all over again (See Genesis 8: 8 people in Noah’s Ark, David 8th son of Jesse, etc.).

-2008 is the year of the Dawning of the new day (Prov.4: 18).
-2008 is the year of New Platform for the expression of His Truth. God has a new platform for each one to express the original truth of your life that governs your existence, that governs your life and that governs your creation.

-In 2008 many of you will take a leap. This is because it is a new platform for the expression of His Truth that He is providing in 2008.

-2008 will be the year that the enemy will try to distract people.

(Therefore) 2008 is the year of Sensitivity to the Spirit of God. This is the year that you should be very sensitive to the Spirit of God, because HE is going to give you specific instructions.

-Those people that God has strategically positioned in certain places of influence and authority, this will be the year that you need to be very very sensitive to the Spirit of God because there will be Sudden Changes and you will need to do what HE has asked you to do so that you do not miss what HE is saying or end up going in the wrong direction.

-The year 2008 is the year for Structures to begin to work. So whatever you have put in place, make sure it is working. This is because God is looking for receptacles for an outpouring of Flood-Stage level of Blessing.

-God has a plan for the year 2008 that will have to do with people asking HIM to open their eyes like never before, for it is the year of Clarity of Vision.

-The year 2008 is a year of One-Day-At-A-Time, because it is going to be the year of the Wind; so fast that you need to do a daily evaluation or at least once a week do “spiritual medical check up”.

-2008 is the year of The Difference: this is the year for the difference that will make the difference.

-The year 2008 is the year of operating at the level of God’s Heartbeat, God’s Mindset and God’s Will. It means it will not be as you want it, not the way you wish it were, it is the way God wants it.

The Family

-2008 is the year of Healing of Relationships.

-The year 2008 is the year of Covenants for families. If there has ever been a time that your family entered a covenant with God, this should be the year that you covenant your family to God.

-For Families, 2008 is a year of Restoration.

-It is also the year of the Flood-Stage level of blessing.

-2008 is a year of harvest. Many people that have been labouring for over 20 years will end up harvesting what they have sown.

-This is also the year that God is going to cause families to Harvest from all their labours from the past and as a result there might be certain things you had thought might have been lost but will certainly and suddenly begin to pop up because God has decided that is the time for harvest for all your labour for the years gone by

-(On the other hand also) This is the year that the enemy will focus on the family and try to disintegrate them. And the enemy will try to attack spiritually, in the realm of the soul and attack even physically.

The Church

-For the Church, this is the year that God is going to shake the Church because 2008 is the year for the Awakening of the Church. There will be an awakening that will be supernormal, supernatural that it will look just mind-boggling.

-There will be re-awakenings of Churches in certain nations. Because the Church has gone to sleep, God will allow persecution and almost war-like situations to awaken them.

-In 2008, anyone that will be given to partisanship, tribalism, nepotism, sectionalism, denominationalism, will end up being put on the spot by God. These are some of things that God is going to shake.

-As much as this year is going to be the year of the Favour of the Lord, it is also going to be a year of Judgment.

-The year 2008 is the year that God will be actually transplanting, re-locating and transporting people to different places. In the case of transplantation, HE might take you from where you are and you are planted in a different place. In the case of re-location, HE might relocate you from one place to another place and some of you within five (5) years HE will relocate you three (3) times. In terms of transportation, God will actually transport you on three (3) levels –namely spiritually- some of you will find yourself in places you have never been before.

Government, Governance & Leadership

-I see God literally transform Governments. The wind of change will blow through governmental quarters. God will begin to shake the foundations of power bases of many parties and it is going to be a wind that will blow across the globe. Some of traditional stronghold will begin to give way.

-God in the year 2008 will also bring about the transfer of power to those that will serve His purpose. Those that are out there to serve their own purpose and their selfish ambitions, God will begin to move them away and put on centre stage those that are ready to do His Will and do His purpose. God will continue to give clear signs within the next nine (9) months both in this nation and many other nations of Africa and the world at large.

-There are some similarly immovable rocks that God is going to remove in the year 2008. I see two (2) specifically in Europe and I see three (3) in the Americas that God will literally remove. One of them is a big tree that is going to fall.

-There are certain cities that have been wired by the freemasons that they have literally been controlling for the past 25 years that they will lose in the year 2008.mark it down, it is going to come to pass.

-If there has ever been a year that God is going to show Himself mighty to those whose hearts are perfect towards Him, this is the year.

-This is the year that God will make a Difference between that which is real and that which is fake.

-In 2007 life was drained out of many people but He has restored life to them in 2008 it will be evident.

-I see God beginning to push people into areas of Revelation Knowledge they have never dreamt of.

The Economy

The year 2008 is a year of Open Heavens.

-I see God bringing Africa to a place of Abundance. From this day God says HE has changed the order. You will begin to see that when there are trouble spots in the world, it will be from Africa that solution will be gotten. Some of the nations like Kenya and other places; it will be from within the same country that solution will come to the same country. Within the next nine months we shall see at least six (6) signs and that will be the beginning of the Restoration for Africa

-I hear God saying there will be Discoveries of New Minerals and New Things that will begin to help release economies that have been hopeless. I see some of the poorest nations become some of the richest nations. I see Burundi, Burkina Faso, Rwanda and nations that hitherto have not been considered (important) coming to prominence.

-The year 2008 is the year of Focus on Agriculture especially for the Nations of Africa.

-This is the year of Re-discovery of Agricultural redemptive gifts for nations. That means for Individuals also, you need to know what God would want you to do agriculturally. God wants you to re-discover the place of agriculture as the nerve centre of development, stability and establishment.


-Educationally there are many of you that God will cause to start schools. There are those of that God will want you to fuse together.

-The year 2008 is the year that the Church is supposed to actually take over Education not only in terms of structures but curricula. Very important.

Science and Technology

-Scientifically, God will begin to give solutions to long lasting problems that have been there medically that nobody has had a solution to. There will be three (3) cases like that.

-Scientifically there will many discoveries that people will wonder how come so many discoveries within one year.

-There will be things that have to do with the sea that will be health-giving substance that will even affect many nations worldwide within the next five (5) years.

-Those of you that are technologists, God will show you things that are very simple that will solve societal problems, including things that can be used at the village level, like water purification, things that have to do with buildings, medicines.

-There will be certain technologies that will begin to fail people. Things that were tested and tried, as they try it, it will not work. There will be some machines that will just give up.

-There will be people God will send to Liberia, Sierra Leone, Burundi, Congo Democratic Republic, and the Comoros.

The Media

-In the year 2008 there will be responsible media management. God is actually going to transfer positions. For those who have been irresponsible with their positions in media God is going to replace them with those that will be responsible in reportage, editorial policies.

-God will give some people their own media houses because they are responsible.

-There will be District Media Organs beyond newsletters that God is going to begin to release in Ghana and it will be for the purpose of societal conscientization and disciplining the regions. This is something that is going to be replicated in other nations.

Arts, Sports and Culture

-God will use the Arts, Sports and Culture as an arena for the purpose of establishing His Kingdom.

-God is literally beginning to change the face of sports, the face of the arts and the culture of the people. There will be culturally practices that will be literally obliterated and will be extinct from now on.

-If there has ever been a time that God will bring health back to people through simple exercises, some of them will be as simple as asking you to walk a certain number of minutes a day going back to your doctor there will be confirmation that certain things have disappeared that were originally there. For some of you it might be for a short period, for others it might be for the whole year. For some HE will say for 2 wks, 3 wks, 6 months or the whole year.

The Nations

-In 2008 there will be the settling of controversies within certain nations, controversies between nations and controversies among nations. God will resolve long-standing enmities.

-I see some of the poorest nations become some of the richest nations. I see Burundi, Burkina Faso, Rwanda and nations that hitherto have not been considered (important) coming to prominence.


-God is actually going to begin to shake things in Europe. There will be a few nations, about three (3) of them that have not been prominent that will come to prominence.


-God is beginning to visit Estonia.


-God’s visitation for Hungary is here.


-God is also beginning to turn around Ukraine on a higher level. Ukraine has been visited before but there is a wind of transformation, a wind of blessing and a wind of transposition. It is a wind that is going to bring change and transformation.

-All of a sudden, Ukraine will begin to become a model for at least five other nations in Europe including France. I hear God beginning to transform France using both Ukraine and the United Kingdom.


-God is beginning to shake things in Massachusetts. God is going to shake things in Boston. God Himself is beginning to shake certain things in the various centres of witchcraft.

-I see God shaking Salem in America. Within the next 13 months, God will literally shake the very foundations of Salem. Just watch it.

West Africa 

-I see God transforming many nations of West Africa. He is bringing West Africa to a new dimension of prominence and one thing we must desist from is pride and wanting to boast about the blessing of God rather than giving God praise.

-God is bringing West African to a place of prominence to affect East Africa, North Africa and Southern Africa. Southern Africa will join West Africa to begin to bring transformation to all over the continent of Africa.

-God is going to bring judgment on conglomerates and some of them will be affected from both Southern and Western Africa.


Prophecies for the year 2007

    -In this year, which is a year of Jubilee, God says it is a year that even those that do not believe in Christ if they are properly positioned and God helps His People to now usher the nation into it; we will begin to enjoy a JUBILEE. (There will be a returning to family properties; there will be a returning to various things that hitherto have been denied.) Middle East
    -In 2007 there will be shakings in the Middle East and God says the time of VISITATION for Elam (Iran) has come. The time has come for HIM to shake until HIS THRONE is set in Elam.

    -In Europe God is going to begin to shake the foundations of Occultism. God will cause those who have hitherto been propagators to begin to say, "No we are doing wrong here".

    -God is about to open a window for Salvation in Europe in the year 2007.

    -I see God also bringing the nations of Europe to the Valley of Decision. I see God beginning to shake the East.

    -I see God beginning to cause the United Kingdom to bow her knee to HIS LORDSHIP. I see them reaching out for HIS Help.

    -I see between the months of June and September, certain things that will cause more and more people to reach out to God happening in Five different nations of Europe.

    -In the year 2007 there will so much of transfer of Technology spiritually from Africa to many parts of the world and from Asia to some other parts of the world including Africa.

    -In the year 2007 there will transfer of technology in terms of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) from Asia to Africa at unprecedented levels. It has been but now it is going to be so fast. It will be so rapid with such rapidity that we cannot fathom.

    -Africa is about to be brought to a place of RESPECT and DIGNITY.

    -From the year 2007 to the year 2012, watch Africa - there will be so much of a rise to prominence. Write it down.

    -The year 2007 is the season for Africa. Because it is the season for Africa, there will be a revival of spirits that are ancestral spirits that people will try to bring in but when the Church rises they will be snuffed out in a moment, in a twinkle of an eye.

    -In the year 2007 as God takes Africa, HE will begin to cause things to happen simultaneously from the North, the South, the East and the West all at the same time.

    -By the end of this year (2007), God is about to set some fire that will cause Africa to become a bright light that is showing the way. The Fire is about to be started.

    Watch Burundi, because God is about to make the LIGHT shine. Burundi is considered the poorest nation in the world but within the next 3 years and 9 months, God is about to bring it to a place where it will leap-frog on the list of wealthy nations. Just mark it down.


Prophecies for the year 2006

Within the next year to 3 years at most, there will be quite a number of Billionaires in the Body of Christ.

God is going to bring five year olds; seven year olds to the fore in
the next two years

This year is the year of the beginning of the New Phase of the Move of God.

I will cause those who have Glorified my Name to begin to see Glory and I will re-build two out of the nations in Africa that have been devastated by war and many think will never ever rise again. I will re-build them in 3 short years says God and people shall see the clear difference and all shall say, “It is my doing” and is marvelous in their eyes.

God has a special place for Ghana in the End-time Revival

God has a special place for South Africa in the End-time Revival

God has a special place for Nigeria in the End-time Revival

There are certain things the enemy has done with Cecil Rhodes that are going to be overturned and reversed
within the next three (3) to five (5) years.

Within the next 5 to 7 years, there will be presidents from the West, the so-called powerful nations that will come begging the presidents of Africa. You will see (this happen) literally.

Within the next 3 to 7 years we are going to have many of the nations having God-Fearing leaders and within the next 3 to 5 years we will have at least 42 Presidents on the Continent of Africa that will be God-Fearing.

There will be some Agricultural Products that have not been noticed before that people are going to all of a sudden realized their importance. Everybody will be rushing for them and they are all on the Continent of Africa. There will be three (3) of such products within the next two years. Thereafter there will be another four (4) within the period of another three years. That means seven (7) within the next five years.

 There will be new forms of Education that God will outdoor. There will be new methods of carrying out the Education that God will out door in the coming 3 years and it will take some of us listening to HIM. Governments will come and learn from individuals.


Prophecies for the year 2005

    One of the things God is going to do in the year 2005 is a new level of the manifestation and the unprecedented outpouring of the Ministry of the Holy Spirit. It is not only for the continent of Africa, it is also for the Church globally. It is for a 3-year period, which is supposed to be what is ushering in this End-Time Revival. Those who handle this outpouring of the Holy Spirit rightly will be the ones that would be used in this End-Time Move.

    Global Weather changes that have not happened for 40 years some of them for 100 years, 120 years, and 200 years will begin to take place especially as it has to do with the temperate regions
    . Mark it down. Within the next three (3) years some things that nobody has even been able to really record in history, we will see (it) happen.

    For those of you in technology there are certain things that will begin to happen with CARBON as against SILICON. There will be other things that will come within the next three years that are coming from the soil. Two of them from the West African Sub-Region

    There will be certain frontiers of Technology moved forward and one of the things that will happen is that, Mobile Technology is going to be pushed to a new level altogether for the next two years
    . It is going to be such that every thing that has happened will be like child play.
    God is also to do something in Libya for the next three years. I see two very important Mining Companies at the world level that are going to go through rough times within the next three years

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